September 28

September 28


Isaiah 13-15


The Condemnation of Man’s Kingdoms         Isaiah 1-39, cont’d.

Isaiah 13-23        The Judgment of other Kingdoms

In these chapters God pronounces judgment against the nations.


For a map showing the locations of these countries see:


Isaiah 13:1-14:23-Judgement against Babylon

Isaiah 13:1-23-This chapter portrays the coming judgment of God on other nations, but most specifically Babylon.  The Medes (Persians) overthrew Babylon in 539 B.C (Daniel 5:30-31).  Persia was about 350 miles to the east of Babylon.

Isaiah 14:1-2-Isaiah says that Israel would continue to exist even after its conquerors were conquered.

Isaiah 14:3-21-Isaiah writes a song taunting Babylon.  For all of its greatness…it has now been brought down.

Isaiah 14:12-14-Isaiah recalls the rise of Babylon.  He writes of the ambitious goal of the king of Babylon.  Once again, we find a double meaning or significance to what Isaiah writes.  The immediate, historical context is the rise of Babylon and its king.  But there is a second meaning.  These words are often attributed to Satan, himself.  The name “star of the morning” is a reference to Satan.


14:12 star of the morning. Lit., the bring one, evidently a reference to Satan, because of Christ’s similar description (Luke 10:18) and because of the inappropriateness of the expressions is Isa. 14:13-14 on the lips of any but Satan (cf. 1 Tim. 3:6)…

14:13-14 Five phrases beginning with I will detail Satan’s sin.  He wished to occupy heaven, the abode of God Himself.  To exalt his throne above the stars of God may refer to his desire to rule the angelic creatures, or it may be another way to indicate his self-exaltation.  north, in heathen literature, indicated the abode of the gods; thus, Satan was ambitious to govern the universe as the counsel (assembly) of Babylonian gods supposedly did.  He wanted the glory that belonged to God alone (on clouds, see 19:1; Exod. 16:10) and his entire goal was to be like the Most High

The Ryrie Study Bible, Charles Ryrie, footnotes on 14:12 and 14:13-14, p. 1034


Isaiah 14:24-27-Judgement against Assyria

Isaiah 14:24,27-What God determines to happen cannot be stopped.  The fulfillment of this prophecy is recorded in 37:21-38.

Isaiah 14:28-32-Judgement against Philistia

Isaiah 15-16-Judgement against Moab


Prayer: Lord, You have clearly stated that what You intend to happen will happen, it cannot be stopped.  You are absolutely sovereign over all matters.  There is nothing that You cannot do.  This truth gives me great confidence.  It gives me great faith.  If this is true about entire nations…then surely it is true in my life.  You reign supreme over my life.  Nothing can happen without Your permission.  Please help me to be conscious of this fact during difficult times.  Help me to recall that despite the appearance of my circumstance…You are in control.

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