September 23

September 23


Solomon 6-8


The Struggles of the Heart (emotional)…they fight        Song 5:2-6:13, cont’d.


Song 5:7-6:3      The Shullamite goes in search of Solomon, cont’d.

Song 6:1             The Daughters of Jerusalem speak to the Shullamite

The Daughters of Jerusalem ask the Shullamite where she thinks Solomon might have gone…so that they can help her look for him.

Song 6:2-3          The Shullamite speaks to the Daughters of Jerusalem

The Shullamite tells them that she thinks Solomon has gone to his garden.  She says that she is confident that though there had been a misunderstanding…their marriage was secure.

Song 6:4-10       The Shullamite finds Solomon and they reaffirm their love

Finally, the Shullamite finds Solomon and they make up.  Solomon speaks of her beauty.  He says that when she looks in his eyes, her beauty dazzles and confuses him (:5).

Song 6:11-12     The Shullamite thinks to herself

She recalls how recent events had led her from working in the fields to living in the palace.

Song 6:13           The Daughters of Jerusalem call for the Shullamite to return so that they may gaze at her beauty

Solomon puts her in his chariot and they ride off.  As the other women watch them they call out to her to come back so that “we may gaze at you!”  Perhaps this means that they want her to tell them about the love story between her and Solomon, one more time.


The Maturity of the Will (spiritual)…they grow                 Song 7:1-8:14


Song 7:1-9a       Solomon again speaks tender words of passion to the Shullamite

Solomon continues to extol her beauty.  From top to bottom he describes her beauty.  In passionate words he describes her beauty.

Song 7:9b-10     The Shullamite responds

She tells him that his words are pleasing to her.  In fact, she says, “Don’t stop.  Keep talking.  I’m just going to lie here and listen to you as we fall asleep.”

Song 7:11-8:3    The Shullamite speaks to Solomon

It would appear that it is now a year after their courtship began because it is again spring time (cf. 2:12).  They awaken from sleep and the Shullamite asks Solomon if they can take a trip into the countryside for a vacation.  It appears that she wants him to take a trip to her hometown.  She says that she wishes Solomon was like a naturally born brother to her so that she could show him her affection, publicly.  While it was acceptable for siblings to show affection for each other in public…it was not allowed between adults…even a married couple.  And it was especially not a suitable thing to be done with the King.  But she wanted to be able to show him off and let others see the affection that they shared together (:1).

She is enticing him with language suggestive of sexual relations.  As if she is saying that if he will make the trip she will make it worth his time.  Notice the references to “pomegranates” and “mandrakes” (:12,13).


Interestingly, many Jewish scholars believe that the pomegranate was the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden.


The mention of mandrakes in the Song of Solomon is part of a romantic encounter between Solomon and his new wife. Mandrakes were around them in the countryside, along with grapes, pomegranates, and “every delicacy” (Song of Solomon 7:13). The mandrakes are providing a fragrance, and, given their reputation as an aphrodisiac, are suggestive of intimacy. The entire description in verses 10–13 is of a romantic setting that enhances the desire of the husband and wife for each other.

In this particular scene, the Shulammite invites King Solomon to join her for a sexual rendezvous out of doors in the early morning: “Let us go early to the vineyards / to see if the vines have budded, / if their blossoms have opened, / and if the pomegranates are in bloom— / there I will give you my love” (Song of Solomon 7:12). The description of this romantic time is full of beautiful imagery, including the mention of mandrakes, as the husband and wife enjoy each other among the vineyards.


With these images in mind she says that when they get there, “There I will give you my love…Which I have saved up for you.” (7:12,13).  Finally, she speaks of them lying embraced in each other’s arms (8:3).

Song 8:4             Solomon speaks to the Daughters of Jerusalem

For a third time Solomon tells the other women in his court to allow the love of the Shullamite to develop on its own.  He likes the woman that she is becoming and she doesn’t need any help from them.  This is an expression of his satisfaction with the way she has progressed as a part of the royal family.

Song 8:5a           The people of the Shullamite’s village ask a question

When the people of her hometown see her arriving with Solomon they ask somewhat proudly, “Who is this who comes home riding in the carriage of the King?”  Here she is…a hometown kid…made it big.

Song 8:5b           Solomon remembers the first time he saw the Shullamite

As they arrive, Solomon thinks back to the first time that he saw her.  She was a diamond in the rough…”swarthy” (cf. 1:6).  Now look at her in all of her regal glory as the wife of the King.  He is proud of her.

Song 8:6-7          The Shullamite speaks of her devotion to Solomon

Now the Shullamite remembers how far she has come.  She is grateful to Solomon and speaks of the enduring nature of her love.  It is a love that comes from God (:6).  It is a love that can not be conquered or bought.

Song 8:8-9          The brothers of the Shullamite speak of her

The brothers of the Shullamite look at her and can hardly believe it is the same little girl that they grew up with.  They are proud that they took care of her and protected her reputation as a young woman…until the day came for her to marry.  They say that they would have protected her reputation no matter what.  If she had been a good girl and not run around with men (:9a)…then they would have treated her with kindness.  But, if she had been a bad girl and constantly had men in and out of her life (:9b-like a revolving “door”)…they would have put a stop to it.  They are taking a little credit for how she turned out.

Song 8:10-12     The Shullamite addresses the people of her village

She is quick to remind them that she had been a good girl (:10a).  She tells them that Solomon was the answer to all of her desires (:10).  She tells them that she has given herself to him completely, all that she is and all that she owns (:11-12).

Song 8:13           Solomon addresses the Shullamite

Solomon tells her that for the rest of their lives…whenever they are apart…he will be anxious to hear her voice, again.

Song 8:14           The Shullamite addresses Solomon

She responds that she will wait with anticipation for his return.


Prayer: Father, help me to be the man that my wife needs as her husband.  Strengthen me in my relationship with You…so that my relationship with her can be all that You intend.  Let me to be an instrument in Your hand to help her to grow in her love and relationship with You.  I do love her so much, Lord.


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