September 1

September 1


Psalm 148-150


Book #5: 107-150, cont’d.


Psalm 148


Psalm 148:1-6-The Psalmist calls upon all of the heavenly creation to praise the LORD (:1-5).  Why?  Because He is its creator (:5c)…and He is its sustainer (:6).

Psalm 148:7-14-The Psalmist calls upon all of the earthly creation to praise the LORD.  Why?  Because He is greater than anything in His creation (:13), and His blessings are on His creation (:14).  The word “horn” speaks of the fact that God has given strength to His people.


Psalm 149


Psalm 149:1-5-The Psalmist calls upon God's people to sing a “new song” to Him.  The word “new” means “fresh, one never heard before”.  We are not to just sing songs that tell of what God did for His people long ago.  But, we must sing songs that tell what He is doing for us right now (:1a).  We should sing our praises to God at all times (:1b-5).


  1. What opportunities must be taken for praising God, none must be let slip, but particularly,

(1.) We must praise God in public, in the solemn assembly (v. 1), in the congregation of saints. The more the better; it is the more like heaven. Thus God's name must be owned before the world; thus the service must have a solemnity put upon it, and we must mutually excite one another to it. The principle, end, and design of our coming together in religious assemblies is that we may join together in praising God. Other parts of the service must be in order to this.

(2.) We must praise him in private. Let the saints be so transported with their joy in God as to sing aloud upon their beds, when they awake in the night, full of the praises of God, as David, Ps. 119:62. When God's Israel are brought to a quiet settlement, let them enjoy that, with thankfulness to God; much more may true believers, that have entered into God's rest, and find repose in Jesus Christ, sing aloud for joy of that. Upon their sick-beds, their death-beds, let them sing the praises of their God.

Matthew Henry :: Commentary on Psalms 149,


Psalm 149:6-9- Our praise to God should not just be a matter of the words of our mouth (:5-6)…but should include the works of our life (:7-9).


Psalm 150


Psalm 150:1-6-This final psalm is a call to praise God using numerous instruments in accompaniment.  It is a great crescendo of praise to conclude the Psalter.  Notice that it tells us where to praise Him (:1), why to praise Him (:2), how to praise Him (:3-5), and who should praise Him (:6).


For an interesting article about musical instruments in the Bible see:


Prayer: Lord, help me to give You praise in all places, and at all times.  Thank You for these Psalms.  They speak to so many issues that I have to deal with in my own life.  And every one…I have learned that my attention, my faith, must be directed back to You.  Whether it be issues with myself, circumstances that I must navigate through, or people that I am dealing with…the Psalms remind me that You are the answer.  Praise the Lord!


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