Read thru Old Testament – January 25, 2017

January 25


Exodus 9-10


The Deliverance from Bondage, cont’d.        Exodus 1-18


Exodus 5-18           The Display of God’s Power, cont’d.


Exodus 9:1-7-Plague #5: Disease covers all the Animals

This plague is even more specific than the previous…stating that none of the livestock of Israel would be affected and also identifying the time when it would begin.  Pharaoh sent inspectors to determine if the livestock of Israel was affected, or not.  They weren’t.  But he still hardened his heart.

Exodus 9:8-12-Plague #6-Boils on Men and Animals

Moses stood in the presence of Pharaoh and threw soot from a kiln into the air…this caused boils to break out on the skin of the Egyptians (not the Hebrews, :11).  It irritated the skin of the magicians so much that they could not even make an appearance.  But Pharaoh’s heart was still hardened.

Exodus 9:13-35-Plague #7-Hail falls on all of Egypt

Once again, God explains the reason why He has brought about these miracles, “in order to show you My power, and in order to proclaim My name through all the earth” (:16; cf. 5:2; 7:4-6,17; 10:2).  God told Pharaoh that about that same time tomorrow He was going to send a hail storm so intense that it would kill animals that are outside, so he should order that they all be protected.  But Pharaoh refused to do so.  Now he is reaching a point of defiance that has no concern for the welfare of any one, or anything, but himself.  Some of his servants brought their animals inside.  Once again, this plague was on Egypt only (:26).  Pharaoh tells Moses that this time he has sinned and that he and his people are the wicked ones…”the LORD is the righteous one” (:27).  It is his first recognition of Who the LORD is.  He asks Moses to pray to the LORD to stop the storm.  He promises to let them go.  Moses says that he is not convinced that Pharaoh is being truthful.  When the stormed stopped, Pharaoh changed his mind, again.

Exodus 10:1-20-Plague #8-Locusts over all of Egypt

Exodus 10:1-2-The Hebrew people are to tell their descendants what all God had done here in Egypt…that they will the LORD.

Exodus 10:3-20-Moses told Pharaoh that the land would be devastated by a locust swarm…then they left. Locusts are…


One of the most destructive creatures. A swarm may have an average density of 130,000,000 per square mile.  They can denude hundreds of square miles quickly, bringing horror, despair, and terrible economic consequences to the inhabitants.

The Ryrie Study Bible, 10:14-15 footnote, p. 107


The advisors of Pharaoh suggested that he allow the Hebrew men to go serve God, but leave the women and children. Pharaoh had Moses brought back and asked him who he intended to take with him.  He said all of the people…men, women, and children, and their animals.  Pharaoh then accused Moses of having evil in mind for taking all of his workers away.  Verse 10 is a threat that basically says, “The LORD had better be with you if you ever try to leave with all of the people.”  In other words, if that happened, Pharaoh would strike out against them and they would need the LORD to protect them.  He told him that only the men could go.  Then Pharaoh made him leave.  God brought the locusts into Egypt and they covered the entire land…eating everything that was left.  Immediately Pharaoh called for Moses.  Again he said that he had sinned against the LORD and asked him to “make supplication” for him (to go to the LORD in his behalf).  Moses did so.  But when the threat was over…Pharaoh again hardened his heart and did not let the Hebrews go.

Exodus 10:21-29-Plague #9-Darkness over all of Egypt

There was darkness over the land of Egypt for three days…but the Hebrews had light.  This time, Pharaoh tells Moses that all the people can go…but their animals have to stay behind.  Moses said that it was necessary to take the animals because they would not know until they arrived what sacrifices the LORD would require of them.  Pharaoh hardened his heart and now refused to let them go.  He told Moses that they would never be allowed in his presence again…and if he showed up, he would die.  Moses told him that he was right…he never would see his face, again.


Prayer: Father, what an incredible display of Your complete and total sovereignty over all of creation. You and You alone are God…there is no other.


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