Read thru Old Testament – January 20, 2017

January 20

Genesis 46-48


Genesis 35-50        The suffering and the glory…Joseph, cont’d.


Genesis 46:1-4-God reassures Jacob that it is okay for him to take his family to Egypt…the key being that God tells him that He will be with him and that eventually He will bring them back again to the land He has promised them.

Genesis 46:5-27-This is a record of all of the descendants of Jacob. The number 70 (:27) included the 66 mentioned in v. 26, plus Jacob, Joseph, and Joseph’s two sons (see Exodus 1:5; Deuteronomy 10:22).  It did not include the wives of Jacob’s sons and grandsons, and husbands of his daughters and granddaughters.  Acts 7:14 says that there were 75 people in this group.  The difference is that this count is based on the translation of the Old Testament in the Greek language, called the Septuagint.  It arrived at the number 75 by including the son and grandson of Manasseh and two sons and a grandson of Ephraim (they were already in Egypt since they were the children of Joseph but were included in the record of Jacob’s descendants).

Genesis 46:28-34-Joseph travels to Goshen and meets his father…once again he cries (42:24; 43:30; 45:2,14; 46:29). He tells them to emphasize that they keep cattle, not sheep when they talk with Pharaoh…because the Egyptians despised sheepherding.

Genesis 47:1-12-Joseph presented his family to Pharaoh…Jacob was 130 years old (he died at 147, v. 28).

Genesis 47:13-26-As the famine continued the people sold everything they had to Pharaoh, for food…including the animals, land, and themselves as slaves.

Genesis 47:27-Jacob calls Joseph to his side as he approaches death and makes him promise that he will bury him in Canaan.

Genesis 48:1-22-Joseph brings his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, to Jacob for his blessing. When Jacob blesses them he gives the blessing of the first-born to Ephraim and not to Manasseh (the first-born).  Joseph sees this and tries to stop him, but Jacob tells him that is the way it will happen…the older will serve the younger (he did become the dominant tribe in the north after the kingdom divided…his name became synonymous with the name for Israel, itself; cf. Isa. 7:2; Hos. 4:17; 13:1).  This follows a pattern that God had previously practiced (choosing the younger over the older)…Isaac.


Prayer: Father, You told Israel that it was okay for him to go to Egypt and that You would bring him and his descendants back to the land You had promised him (46:4).  Many years later, You did that very thing.  Help me to have faith in Your promises, like Israel did.  To be willing to follow You…no matter where it may lead…because I know that I can trust You.

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