Read thru Old Testament – January 19, 2017

January 19


Genesis 44-45


Genesis 35-50        The suffering and the glory…Joseph, cont’d.


Genesis 44:1-2-While they were eating, Joseph instructed his servant to put the money that the brothers had paid for the grain with back into their sacks…and, to put his personal silver cup into Benjamin’s sack.

Genesis 44:3-17-The next morning the brothers left on their journey home. Later, Joseph sent the servant after them to retrieve his cup…which he claimed was stolen.  The brothers were devastated when it was found in Benjamin’s sack.  They returned to Joseph’s home where he said that he would keep Benjamin as a slave.

Genesis 44:18-34-Judah then speaks to Joseph and offers to stay in Benjamin’s place. This was what Joseph had been looking for…a change in heart (cf. 43:34).  Judah had explained that Jacob loved Benjamin more than any of the other brothers…and he was willing to accept this.  He was now willing to suffer in place of his brother.

Genesis 45:1-2-This was almost too much for Joseph to handle. Not only was it possible for him to be reunited with his family…but, there seemed to have been a true change of heart on their part.  This is the third time (#1-42:24; #2-43:30) that Joseph has wept...verse 14 is the fourth.

Genesis 45:3-4-Joseph tells his brothers who he is.

Genesis 45:5-15-Incredible!  Joseph's brothers had first wanted to kill him, then decided to sell him into slavery.  Now, Joseph tells them that it was all a part of God's divine plan for the family.

Genesis 45:16-20-Was Pharaoh really so benevolent...or, did he hope that if Joseph's family moved to Egypt it would keep Joseph from ever leaving?

Genesis 45:21-28-What would they quarrel about...maybe who would get the blame when Israel found out the whole story of Joseph's disappearance?


Prayer: Oh, Lord…please help me to have the faith and confidence in Your sovereignty that Joseph had! He saw Your hand guiding through even the darkest hours of his life.  Help me to have the eyes of faith…that Joseph had.

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