Read thru Old Testament – January 18, 2017

January 18


Genesis 42-43


Genesis 35-50        The suffering and the glory…Joseph, cont’d.


Genesis 42:1-5-Jacob heard that there was grain available in Egypt, so he told his sons to stop sitting around complaining and to take action...they knew what to do but found it easier to do nothing. He sent all of the brothers, except Benjamin, to Egypt.

Genesis 42:6-23-When the brothers arrived in Egypt and went to buy grain, Joseph recognized them, but they did not recognize him. He asking them and they told him they were 10 of 12 brothers, one was at home and the other one was dead.  Initially, he accused them of being spies and that they would have to send one of their brothers home to bring back the one other brother in order to verify their story.  He put them in jail for three days and then released them. This time he demanded that one of them stay behind while the others returned home.  Then, they would have to return back to Egypt with the younger brother in order for the brother that had stayed to be released.  The brothers began to blame themselves what was happening saying to each other that it was because they had sold Joseph into slavery.  All along, Joseph could understand everything they were saying, but they didn’t know it because he had been speaking to them through an interpreter.

Genesis 42:25-28-Joseph was so overcome with emotion that he had to walk away to keep them from seeing him crying. He returned and had Simeon arrested and tied up.  Joseph had his people secretly put the brother’s money, that they had paid for the seed with, back into their sacks of grain.   Later, when they were camping, they opened their sacks and found the money in them.

Genesis 42:29-38-the brothers returned home and told Jacob the story. He refused to allow them to take Benjamin back to Egypt with them.

Genesis 43:1-15-The famine continued and became very severe. Jacob told his sons to return to Egypt and buy grain.  However, they told him that the man in Egypt had firmly warned them to not come back without the other brother.  Finally Jacob agreed… and they made the trip to Egypt.

Genesis 43:16-34-When Joseph saw that they had returned and had Benjamin with them he told his servant to bring them to his home and to prepare a meal. They were afraid that Joseph was going to arrest them because they had stolen the money.  They decided to tell the servant what had happened and he said not to worry because their God had protected them.  When they arrived at his home Joseph was introduced to Benjamin.  Again, he was overcome with emotion and had to leave the room so that they would not see him crying.   Because of rules of propriety, Joseph, who is now an Egyptian government official, would not sit at the same table with the brothers who were Hebrews.  The servant directed each of the brothers to the chair that he was to be seated in and much to their amazement he seated them by their birth order. Also, Benjamin was served five times more food than any of the other brothers.  Perhaps Joseph was testing the brothers to see if they would be jealous of their younger brother…as they had been with him.


Prayer: Father, there could hardly have been a worse betrayal than that of the brother’s of Joseph. No matter how much they were jealous of him and despised him…he was still their brother and certainly did not deserve what they had done to him.  He now had the opportunity to exact revenge.  But he didn’t.  Instead, his heart was broken to the point that he could hardly control his emotions.  Please, Lord, give me a heart of grace and forgiveness.  Don’t let me hold a grudge towards those who have failed to help me when I was in need; or, who have done things to intentionally hurt me.

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