Read thru New Testament – January 18, 2017

January 18


Matthew 13 consists of 7 parables that Jesus tells that illustrate the Kingdom of Heaven (cont’d):

Matthew 13:33-58

Matt. 13:33-Jesus tells the parable of the Leaven

This parable teaches about the Extent of the Kingdom of Heaven...Jesus says that it will eventually spread throughout the world.

Matt. 13:34-43-Jesus explains the parable of the Wheat and the Tares

This parable also teaches about the Result of the Kingdom of Heaven...judgment between those who are saved and not saved.

Matt. 13:44-Jesus tells the parable of the Hidden Treasure

This parable teaches about the Value of the Kingdom of Heaven…there is nothing on earth or in life that has more value…and we should be willing to do anything, or to give up anything that would stand in the way of our obtaining it.

Matt. 13:45-46-Jesus tells the parable of the Pearl of Great Price

This parable teaches about the Value of the Kingdom of Heaven…almost a repeat of the preceding parable.

Matt. 13:47-50-Jesus tells the parable of the Dragnet

This parable teaches about the Membership of the Kingdom of Heaven…not everyone will make it into Heaven…only those who have accepted Christ will go to Heaven…those who have not will go to Hell.

Matt. 13:51-52-Jesus tells the parable of the Householder

This parable teaches about the Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven…the followers of Jesus were to take the old teachings of the Jews and reveal the new truths contained in them that they were taught by Jesus.

Matt. 13:53-57-Jesus returns to Nazareth and is not received well.  His mother, brothers, and sisters are mentioned.

Matt. 13:58-As a result of their "unbelief" He did not do many miracles.

Prayer: Father, help me to continue to move forward in the life and ministry that You have called me to...even in the face of difficulties and opposition (like Jesus did).  Help me, as You did Him, to see the bigger picture, the end and purpose of what You have in store...and to not allow my attitudes or perspective to be dominated, or my actions to be the present situation, circumstances, or people.

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