Read thru Old Testament – February 5, 2017

February 5


Exodus 37-38


The Design for Worship, cont’d.          Exodus 25-40


Exodus 35-40         The Construction of the Tabernacle, cont’d.


Exodus 37:1-9-The ark, mercy seat, and two cherub are made by Bezalel.

Exodus 37:10-16-The table is made.

Exodus 37:17-24-The lampstand is made.

Exodus 37:25-29-The altar of incense is made.

Exodus 38:1-7-The brass altar is made.

Exodus 38:8-The laver is made.

Exodus 38:9-20-The court is made.

Exodus 38:21-31-A listing of all the materials that were used in the construction of the Tabernacle. Someone has tallied these amounts and found them to be approximately 2,800 lbs. of gold, 9,600 lbs. of silver, 6,700 lbs. of bronze.


  1. Which was counted according to the commandment of Moses: The present day value of the materials used in the tabernacle would total more than $13 million. Their combined weight would be almost 19,000 pounds. This was a significant project to manage.
  2. Some wonder where Israel got all these resources out in the middle of the desert. But Exodus 12:36 reminds us that the children of Israel left Egypt with great resources because they had plundered the Egyptians, who willingly gave Israel what amounted to back wages for their years of slavery.

David Guzik :: Study Guide for Exodus 38,


Prayer:  Father, You are so deliberate and specific in giving the details for the Tabernacle.  This was the place where You would abide among Your people.  Obviously, the Tabernacle was to be a place that revealed Your nature and reflected Your glory.  Now, Lord…I am the place where You are resident.  Your Holy Spirit lives in and through me.  Please help me to be a place, a person, where Your nature is clearly revealed and Your glory is marvelously reflected.  Help me to be as detailed in making my life a suitable place for Your residence…as the Hebrews were with the Tabernacle.

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