Read thru Old Testament Devotional – May 7, 2017

May 7


1 Kings 14-15


The Divided Kingdom-Israel & Judah (various Kings), cont’d.     1 Kings 12-22                                                                                                   


1 Kings 14:1-18-Jeroboam's son was sick so he told his wife to disguise herself and go to Ahijah the prophet and see what would happen.  God told Ahijah she was coming and what to tell her...that he was going to kill every male in Jeroboam's household and give the kingdom to someone else...because of his sin of worshipping other gods.  When she returned home the child died as she entered her house, just as Ahijah had predicted.

1 Kings 14:19-“the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel” is one of numerous books that are mentioned in the Bible that are not contained in the Bible.  These books are not a part of the canon of Scripture…in part, because while they are mentioned we do not have any existing copies.  They were lost in the course of history.


Books that are mentioned in the Bible…but are not part of the Bible:


1 Kings 14:20…Nabab becomes king of Israel (910-909)

Jeroboam died...he had reigned for 22 years in Israel.  His son Nadab became king.

1 Kings 14:21-24-Rehoboam was king in Judah (he was 41 when he began) for 17 years.  Judah sinned by worshipping other gods.

1 Kings 14:25-28-During the 5th year of Rehoboam's reign...Shishak, king of Egypt attacked.  He took all of the treasures which David had made.  Rehoboam made replacements for the shields out of bronze.

1 Kings 14:30-31…Abijam becomes king of Judah (913-911)

Rehoboam died.  During his life he and Jeroboam constantly fought.  His son, Abijam became king.

1 Kings 15:1-8-Abijam became king of Judah in the 18th year of Jeroboam's reign over Israel.  He reigned for 3 years and died.  He was constantly at war with Jeroboam.

1 Kings 15:8…Asa became king of Judah (911-870)

1 Kings 15:5-The righteous reign of David is mentioned...with the exception of what happened with Uriah the Hittite.

1 Kings 15:9-15-Asa was king in Judah for 41 years (he became king in Jeroboam's 20th year).  He did what was right in the Lord's sight (:11,14).  He stopped the worship of all the pagan gods...even removing his mother from her throne because of her false worship.  However, he did not remove the high places.


  1. He banished the perverted persons from the land: These state-sanctioned homosexual idol-temple prostitutes were introduced into Judah during the reign of Rehoboam (1 Kings 14:24). Asa's father Abijam didn't remove these perversions and idols, but King Asa did.
  2. Also he removed Maachah his grandmother from being queen mother, because she had made an obscene image of Asherah: This demonstrates the thoroughness of Asa's reforms. He was able to act righteously even when his family was wrong, in particular his own grandmother.
  3. "Maacah was apparently the daughter of Uriel of Gibeah (2 Chronicles 13:2) and Tamar (2 Samuel 14:27), hence the granddaughter of Absalom, David's rebellious son." (Patterson and Austel)
  4. By the Brook Kidron: "The Kidron Valley east of Jerusalem was then the city's main rubbish dump." (Wiseman)

iii. An obscene image: "This image is described as 'obscene' in our English translation, but the Hebrew word is closer in meaning to 'frightening,' 'horrible,' or 'abominable.' Some commentators believe it was some sort of phallic symbol consistent with the fertility cult of Asherah." (Dilday)

  1. "From the whole, it is pretty evident that the image was a mere Priapus, or something of the same nature, and that Maachah had an assembly in the grove where the image was set up, and doubtless worshipped it with the most impure rites. What the Roman Priapus was I need not tell the learned reader; and as to the unlearned, it would not profit him to know." (Clarke)


1 Kings 15:16…Basha is king of Israel (909-886)

1 Kings 15:16-22-Basha has become king in Israel and he is at war with Asa.  Asa made an agreement with Benhadad, king of Aram (he lived in Damascus).  He attacked Israel and Israel then withdrew from attacking Judah.

1 Kings 15:24…Jehoshaphat became king of Judah (873-848)

1 Kings 15:23-24-In his old age Asa was diseased in his feet.  He died and his son Jehoshaphat became king.  A much more detailed account of the reign of Jehoshaphat is given in 2 Chronicles 17-20.  Notice that his father Asa reigned until 871 and Jehoshaphat began his reign in 873.  During this overlap of years they served as co-regents.  Because of Asa’s illness he was unable to rule, so Jehoshaphat was given duties of the king before his father died.

1 Kings 15:25-34-While Asa was still king in Judah, during his 2nd year, Nabad (son of Jeroboam) became king in Israel.  He did evil.  Baasha (son of Ahijah) killed him...during the 3rd year of Asa's reign...he also killed all of the male members of his family...fulfilling the prophecy of Ahijah (1 Kings 14:10-13).  Baasha became king of Israel and reigned for 24 years.


Prayer: Lord, when I die…I pray that it will be said of me, “His heart was wholly devoted to the LORD all of his days and he did what was right in the sight of the LORD.”

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