Read thru Old Testament Devotional – May 30, 2017

May 30


1 Chronicles 28-29


The Reign of King David, cont’d.                   1 Chronicles 9-29:21


1 Chronicles 28:1-21-David calls together the people...then he tells them that Solomon will be king in his place.  David gave Solomon instructions for his personal life (:8-9), and the building and ministry of the Temple (:10-21).

1 Chronicles 29:1-21-David leads the people in giving for the construction of the Temple.  First, David tells them what he is giving (:1-5a).  Next, the people gave (:5b-8).  Then, there is a great celebration over the abundance of the God the credit for providing for it from His own hand (:9).  Finally, David praises God as the source of everything that they have…that they could offer to Him (:10-20).  The next day the celebration continued with many sacrifices (:21).


The Reign of King Solomon                           1 Chronicles 29:22-30


1 Chronicles 29:22-30-They then made Solomon the king for a second time (cf. 23:1; 1 Kings 1).  The first time he was made king was when Absalom tried to usurp the throne.  During this period he had a co-regency with his father, David.  David dies.  The materials mentioned here…”the chronicles of Samuel the seer, the chronicles of Nathan the prophet, and in the chronicles of Gad the seer”, are the source materials that were used in compiling Chronicles.


Prayer: Lord, the people gave freely, abundantly, and joyously to You.  Help me to do the same.  Let my gifts and offerings be a true reflection of my love for You.  I ask that You will use what I give to bring glory to You and to reach many, many people for Christ.

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