Read thru Old Testament Devotional – May 29, 2017

May 29


1 Chronicles 26-27


The Reign of King David, cont’d.                   1 Chronicles 9-29:21


1 Chronicles 26:1-32-There were 4,000 gatekeepers (23:5) to guard the Temple...and its treasures.  There were 6,000 “officers and judges” (23:4).  These were scribes, or secretaries and magistrates who oversaw cases on the basis of the law.  They also were probably involved in the collection of taxes and tithes.

1 Chronicles 27:1-34-The civil leaders.

1 Chronicles 27:1-15-The military leaders...12 divisions with 24,000 men in each...they served one month each year.  Joab was commander of the army (:34).

1 Chronicles 27:16-24-The tribal leaders.  This was when David took a census and God judged him for it.  This showed lack of faith in God's power to protect his kingdom.  To have numbered all the people would have displayed doubt in God's promise (cf. Genesis 22:17).

1 Chronicles 27:25-31-The agricultural leaders.

1 Chronicles 27:32-34-The counselors that helped David.


Prayer: Lord, it seems that David started well.  When he had nothing…he seemed to trust you will everything.  But now that he has everything…he seems to trust You with nothing.  Please keep me from falling into that trap.  Help me to trust You with everything…no matter what I do, or don’t have.


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