Read thru Old Testament Devotional -May 23, 2017

May 23


1 Chronicles 8-10

1 Chronicles 8:1-40-Additional information about the tribe of Benjamin is given to supplement what has already been given in 7:6-12.  Benjamin was important because it was the tribe of the first king of Israel, Saul…and because of it’s allegiance to David.


List of those who returned from exile            1 Chronicles 1-8    


1 Chronicles 9:1-34-This is a list of the inhabitants of Jerusalem after the return from the Babylonian exile (cf. Nehemiah 11:3).

1 Chronicles 9:35-44-The family of Saul.


The Reign of King David                                1 Chronicles 9-29:21


1 Chronicles 10:1-14-The Philistines attacked Israel and killed Jonathan and the other sons of Saul.  Saul was wounded by the archers.  He killed himself with his own sword, instead of being captured.  The Philistines cut off his head and put it on the wall of the place where they worshiped their god, Dagon.  Then put his armor inside the house of their gods.  When the men from Jabesh-gilead heard what they had done they went and got Saul's and his son's bodies and buried them.  Saul died at this time because (1) he did not keep the word of the LORD (cf. 1 Samuel 13:8-9; 15:3,9), and (2) because he consulted a medium and did not inquire of the LORD (:13-14; cf. 1 Samuel 28).  God gave the kingdom over to David.


Prayer: Lord, no one is exempt from obedience to You.  Saul was disobedient and there were consequences.  Please help me to be faithful and obedient to You.  Help me to always remember that the reason for my obedience to You is Your love for me.  Jesus said that His way is not hard, or difficult (Matthew 11:28-30).  Instead, His way is the way of grace, and mercy, and joy!  Help me, each and every day, to submit myself…all that I am, all that I do…in obedience to You.


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