Read thru Old Testament Devotional – May 21, 2017

May 21


1 Chronicles 3-5


Genealogies from Adam to David, cont’d.     1 Chronicles 1-8    


1 Chronicles 3:1-24-The genealogical record of David to the captivity.

1 Chronicles 4:1-8:40-The genealogical record of the 12 Tribes

1 Chronicles 4:1-23-Judah

1 Chronicles 4:24-43-Simeon

1 Chronicles 5:1-10-Reuben

1 Chronicles 5:11-22-Gad

1 Chronicles 5:23-26-Manasseh


1:1 This most extensive (through 9:44) collection of genealogical tables in the O.T. serves to show the ancestry of the tribes of Israel, to focus on the importance of the Davidic line from which Messiah came, to emphasize the tribe of Levi from which the priests came, and to remind Israel of the importance of racial and religious purity.

The Ryrie Study Bible, 1 Chronicles 1:1, p. 600


Prayer: Lord, Ezra didn’t know it at the time…but he was preserving a record of the human ancestral lineage of Jesus.  It would an important part of the prophecy concerning Him…showing that indeed, Jesus was the one, true Messiah that You had said would come.  I pray that when we read this genealogy…instead of being bored by a seemingly lost list of names…we would be amazed by it.  Help us to see Your sovereign hand leading Ezra to make this record so that we would have it as a part of the prophetic message that would give us faith and trust in You.  If You can fulfill the prophecy that connects generation after generation after generation…so that it perfectly completes what has been said would be accomplished…then surely, You can guide me through my life and help me to perfectly complete what You desire to accomplish with and through me.


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