Read thru Old Testament Devotional – May 14, 2017

May 14


2 Kings 9-11


The Divided Kingdom-Israel & Judah (various Kings), cont’d.     2 Kings 1-17


2 Kings 9:1-10-Elisha sends one of his prophets to anoint Jehu, son of Jehoshaphat to be king of Israel.  He is to tell him to kill Ahab and all of his family.


9:3 See 1 Kings 19:16.  Jehu is portrayed in the Black Obelisk of Shalmanaser III (dated 841) as bringing tribute to that Assyrian monarch.

Ryrie Study Bible, 2 Kings 9:3 footnote, p. 567


2 Kings 9:11-10:17-Ahaziah, king of Judah had joined Joram, King of Israel in a war against Syria...but had been defeated, and Ahaziah was wounded, so Joram came to visit with him in Jezreel (8:28-29).  Jehu came to Jezreel...and the two confronted him.  A fight broke out and Jehu shot Joram and killed him.  Ahaziah was wounded, but escaped to Megiddo...he died there.  Jehu came to Jezreel and found Jezebel...made up like a Phonecian queen (9:30).  Jehu commanded that the soldiers throw her down from the wall...and she died.  Later, when they went to get her body and bury her...all they found was her skull and hands...fulfilling the prophecy about her (1 Kings 21:23).  Jehu kills the 70 sons of Ahab in Samaria and the remaining family members of Ahaziah.

2 Kings 10:18-36-Jehu then killed the worshipers of Baal.  Jehu was king for 28 years...then he died and his son, Jehoahaz, became king of Israel.

2 Kings 10:35…Jehoahaz becomes king of Israel (814-798)

2 Kings 11:1…Athaliah becomes ruler of Judah (841-835)

2 Kings 11:1-16-Athaliah was…

  • the widow of Joram, the former king of Judah (cont’d. from 9:27)
  • the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel (former king of Israel)
  • the mother of Ahaziah (present king of Judah)…who is killed.

She heard that her son was dead.  So, she killed all of her son’s children…the heirs to the throne…because she wanted to rule.  But, Jehosheba, the daughter of King Joram (and the sister of Ahaziah)...hid Joash (also called Jehoash; the son of Ahaziah, her nephew).  Athaliah reigned over Judah for 6 years.  In the 7th year, Johoiada, the high priest, revealed Joash to the military leaders.  They made Joash king of Judah...and put Athaliah to death.

2 Kings 11:21…Jehoash (Joash) becomes king of Judah (835-796)

2 Kings 11:17-21-Jehoash (Joash) was 7 years old when he became king of Judah.  He led the people to destroy the temples where Baal was worshipped.


Prayer: Father, as I read these chapters, the phrase, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” comes to mind.  These leaders became so committed to power and domination…that they were willing to do anything to have and keep it.  Please keep me from becoming so enamored with trying to accomplish the work that You have called me to…that I lose sight of how You would have it done.  Don’t let me venture off on my own…trying to accomplish Your work.  Help me to do Your work, by Your means, through Your power, and for Your glory.

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