Read thru Old Testament Devotional – March 29, 2017

March 29


Joshua 23-24


Joshua’s Final Messages and Death   Joshua 22:1-24:33, cont’d.


Joshua 23:1-16-Joshua’s Final Message to the Rulers

Joshua is old and near to the end of his, he calls the leaders of the tribes together and reminds them that it was the LORD who has been doing their fighting for them and making it possible for them to overcome far larger forces so that they could inherit the land.  Now, he warns them to continue to "to cling to the LORD your God…to love the LORD your God" (:8,11) so that they will not fall away from Him.  And, they are not to intermarry with the people of those nations that previously controlled the land...or worship their gods.  If they do, God will not continue to protect them.  Everything the Lord had said He would do, He has done (:14; 21:45).  There is a strong warning that if the people are faithful to God then His blessings will be on them.  However, if they forsake Him, He will definitely and decisively pass judgment on them.


Joshua 24:1-13-Joshua’s Final Message to the People

Joshua 24:1-13-Joshua calls together all of the people and he recounts the entire history of Israel.

Joshua 24:14-28-Joshua charges the people to continue to follow the LORD.


Joshua 24:29-33-Joshua Departs for His Home in Heaven

Joshua was 110 years old when he died.  When they buried him they also buried the bones of Joseph.  This served as a reminder of Joseph’s trust in God’s promise to give Israel the land of Canaan, and as a reminder of God’s faithfulness to fulfill that promise.


Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness.  I pray that You will help me to serve You all the days of my life.  I pray that You will help my family to serve You all the days of their lives.  And Lord, I pray that all of my descendants will be saved and will be a godly lineage of Your people.  Please let our family honor Your name.

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