Read thru Old Testament Devotional – March 28, 2017

March 28


Joshua 21-22


Dividing the Land of Canaan                Joshua 13:1-21:45, cont’d.


Joshua 19:49-24:22                             Designation of Certain Cities in Canaan, cont’d


Joshua 21:1-43-The Cities Given to the Levites…#48

The Levites were given 48 cities with their pasturelands.  This distribution provided a spiritual influence over all the people, since no one lived more than 10 miles from a city in which Levites lived.

Joshua 21:44-45-Everything that God had promised to Israel had come to pass and they had “rest on every side.”


Joshua’s Final Messages and Death   Joshua 22:1-24:33


Joshua 22:1-34-The Tribes of the Transjordan Depart for their Home across the Jordan

With the land basically in control...Joshua sends the 2½ tribes (Reuben, Gad, Manasseh) home across the Jordan.  However, they stop and build a large altar (:10) by the Jordan...on the west side.  The other tribes heard about it and prepared to go to war against them…thinking that by building this altar they were proclaiming their independence from the rest of Israel.  They sent Phinehas (son of Eleazar the Priest) and representatives of the 10 tribes to confer with them.  The tribes explained that they did not intend to offer sacrifices on this altar...but that it was to a reminder ("witness") to them and to their children that they are a part of Israel...and that the LORD is their God.


Prayer: Lord, sometimes even the best of intentions are misunderstood.  Please help me to give grace to other people in such times.  When I am misunderstood, please keep me from allowing pride to rise up and influence my response.  Let me be humble and respond in a godly manner.


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