Read thru Old Testament Devotional – June 28, 2017

June 28


Job 13-15


The Accusations of Men            Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 3-14                 Accusations Round 1 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar), cont’d.


Job 12-14               Job’s Response: It is easy for someone who is comfortable to judge others.  You better watch out for yourself.  Show me my sin.  God knows the truth, cont’d.


Job 13:1-14:12-Job tells Zophar that he is not telling him anything new.  However, he would like to talk with God about matters because there are some things that don't seem to make sense.  On the other hand, Zophar seems to be willing to just accept the appearance of things without seeking to understand why they are the way they are (13:5).  He tells Zophar to be careful...because if he really believes what he is saying then he should remember that one day he will have to face the same bar of judgment (13:9).  Job tells him that his standard of judgment is skewed.  Evidently, (13:12) Zophar had some one-liners (“memorable sayings”) that he used that appeared to sound good on the surface, but when carefully thought out, they were not sound.  Job says that it is the correct thing to do to seek out the truth behind the appearances.  And even if He is punished in the end and God takes his life…he will still trust in God because what God does is right (13:15).  Job says that he would be satisfied if he could just get God to tell him two things: 1.-what are his sins; 2.-why has God not responded to his prayers (13:23-24).  Job says that it seems that he has little control over his life...and that even a tree has a more hope in the future than he does (14:1-12).  Man will live, and then die, that's it.  He doesn't even know if his children will do well, or not.

Job 14:13-22-Job now speculates about death, and life after death.  He wonders if eventually we all die and the suffering of this life ends (the term “sheol” is a reference to death), and then we come back to life without suffering.  If he knew that such a thing would happen then it would give him strength to endure his trials.

Summary: Zophar tells Job that he is intelligent enough to identify the cause of his suffering by observation...and he is suffering because he has sinned.  Job replies that his analysis is incorrect because human intelligence is faulty...and that Zophar would not want his strict standards applied to his own life.


Job 15-21               Accusations Round 2 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar)


Job 15                    Eliphaz’s 2nd Accusation: You’re deceiving yourself…and the wicked do suffer.


Job 15:1-35-Eliphaz offers his advice based on tradition, again...but with a stronger accusation of Job's sinful character.  His sarcasm is bitter and he expresses anger at Job.  They shake their heads in condescension at Job (16:4).

Job 15:1-4-Eliphaz tells Job that he is a prideful windbag.  A truly wise man would not behave in such manner.

Job 15:5-6-He says that it is because he is a sinner that he fails to see his own sin...he is self-deceived.

Job 15:7-16-He then chastises Job for thinking that he is smarter than other people, and especially than God.

Job 15:17-35-He then gives a vivid description of the terrible demise of the wicked.  He is trying to scare Job into accepting what he has said.  This is his “Hell-Fire” sermon.  He says that the wicked will experience pain (:20), live in fear (:21), dread the uncertainty of the future (:22-24), experience loneliness (:28),  will work but not benefit (:29), will build his life on things that are worthless (:31), will die an early death (:32), and when he is dead his whole life will have been useless and senseless (:33-34).


Prayer: Lord, don’t let me be satisfied with the easy answers.  Help me to search for Your wisdom and to know Your truth.  I often hear people say things that have the ring of Biblical truth…but in reality are false.  Please give me the discernment to be able to recognize that which is false and to explain Your truth to others in a manner that they can understand and will accept.

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