Read thru Old Testament Devotional – June 23, 2017

June 23


Esther 7-10


An Evil Man Judged                   Esther 7-9


Esther 7       Haman is Hanged for His Deception


Esther 7:1-10-At the banquet the king asked what Esther's request was and she related to him how she and her people had been betrayed and were to be killed.  The king, not knowing that Esther was a Jewess, was caught off-guard by her accusation.  He didn’t question the audacity of her claim…but instead, immediately came to her defense and asked who would dare do such a thing…this offense not just being against her, but himself, as well.  One can only imagine the look on Haman’s face as the reality began to register in his mind.  Then Esther revealed the conspirator…Haman.  Immediately the king saw through Haman’s plot.  He had not consulted with his advisors (“the wise men who understood the times”, cf. 1:13) over this plan and now he saw himself as complicit in the very death of his own wife and queen.  He storms out of the room…perhaps to gather himself before making a decision.  However, moments later, when he returns to the room he finds Haman, “falling on the couch,” on which Esther was sitting.  But to him it was much worse.  Haman was about to “assault the queen”.  Now his anger raged even hotter.  It could be that he was incensed that Haman appeared to be appealing to Esther and not him.  It could be that Haman was acting in a manner unworthy of the queen.  Whatever it was…it made the king even angrier.


  1.     Haman was fallen upon the bed whereon Esther was—We do not know the precise form of the couches on which the Persians reclined at table. But it is probable that they were not very different from those used by the Greeks and Romans. Haman, perhaps, at first stood up to beg pardon of Esther; but driven in his extremity to resort to an attitude of the most earnest supplication, he fell prostrate on the couch where the queen was recumbent. The king returning that instant was fired at what seemed an outrage on female modesty.

they covered Haman's face—The import of this striking action is, that a criminal is unworthy any longer to look on the face of the king, and hence, when malefactors are consigned to their doom in Persia, the first thing is to cover the face with a veil or napkin.

Jamieson, Fausset & Brown :: Commentary on Esther 7,


The king ordered that Haman be executed on the gallows he had built for Mordecai.  It could be that Haman was hung upon the gallows, or he may have been executed there by another means.


  1. Look! The gallows, fifty cubits high: As in the case of the people executed in Esther 2:23, Haman was probably not hanged with a rope around his neck; he was impaled on a huge stake in an ancient precursor of crucifixion.

David Guzik :: Study Guide for Esther,


Esther 8       King Ahazuerus Makes a Decree to Save the Jews


Esther 8:1-17-The king gave the possessions of Haman to Esther.  He then gave the signet ring that he had previously given to Haman, to Mordecai.  Esther then reminded the king of his decree for the Jews to be killed.  The king had a decree issued that allowed the Jews to fight back against any who sought to kill them.


Esther 9       Israel’s Enemies are Defeated


Esther 9:1-19-The Jews killed their enemies...and the king even granted them a second day to fight against them.

Esther 9:20-32-The Jews then began an annual celebration called the Feast of Purim (cf. vv. 24,26 for the origin of the name) to celebrate the occasion.


For information on the Feast of Purim see:



A Good Man Exalted                  Esther 10


Esther 10     Mordecai is Elevated to Prime Minister


Esther 10:1-3-Mordecai was raised to a position second only to the king...he is remembered because he sought the good of his people.


Prayer: Lord, Mordecai did not know what was going to happen when he took his stand against Haman.  All he knew was that it was the right thing to do.  So, he did it.  But all along You had the situation in control.  I pray that You will give me the strength to do the right things…even when I don’t know what the outcome will be.  Please help me to be a man of convictions…not of conveniences.  Help me to do the right thing…even if I know that the immediate outcome will not be positive or productive for me.  Help me to always remember that You hold the eternal outcome in Your hand and that is the deciding factor.


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