Read thru Old Testament Devotional – June 2, 2017

June 2


2 Chronicles 7-9


The Reign of King Solomon, cont’d.              2 Chronicles 1-9:31


2 Chronicles 7:1-11-When Solomon finished praying fire came down from heaven and burned up the sacrifice...and the glory of the Lord filled the Temple to the extent that the priests could not enter it (cf. 5:14).  In response, the people fell to the ground and worshipped God.  They then had a celebration of dedication that lasted for 8 days.

2 Chronicles 7:12-God speaks to Solomon and tells him that if they sin and He punishes them...if they will repent then He will hear and respond.  However, if they forsake Him and do not repent...He will cast them out of the land and destroy everything they have the extent that what they have done will be a "proverb and a byword among all peoples" (:20).

2 Chronicles 8:1-10-A listing of the cities and nations that Solomon conquered.

2 Chronicles 8:11-Solomon moves his wife (daughter of Pharaoh) out of Jerusalem...because it is holy and the place where the Ark is.

2 Chronicles 8:12-16-Solomon organized the Priests and Levites for their ministry.

2 Chronicles 8:17-18-Solomon's navy.

2 Chronicles 9:1-12-The queen of Sheba visits Solomon because she had heard of his wisdom and riches.


For information on the queen of Sheba see 1 Kings 10


2 Chronicles 9:13-28-Solomon's wealth that he accumulated.

2 Chronicles 9:29-31-Solomon reigned for 40 years and then dies.


Prayer:  Lord,

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