Read thru Old Testament Devotional – June 19, 2017

June 19


Nehemiah 9-11


Return to God and Repentance of Sinful Hearts                Nehemiah 8-10, cont’d.                                                                              


Nehemiah 9:1-38         The People Repent


Nehemiah 9:1-38-Two days after the Festival ended the people began to confess their sins...for a quarter of the day they listened to the reading of the book of the Law, and for a quarter of the day they confessed their sins and worshipped God (:3).  The remainder of this chapter is a recital of the history of Israel from Abraham to the present.  It's purpose is to show the righteousness and faithfulness of God...and the sinfulness of Israel.


Nehemiah 10:1-39       The Covenant is Ratified


Nehemiah 10:1-27-A document was drafted and the leaders all signed it...that stated these same matters.

Nehemiah 10:28-39-All the people then agree to do several things:

1-not intermarry with non-Jews (:30);

2-not to buy or sell on the Sabbath or a holy day (:31);

3-to observe the Sabbatical year (:31);

4-to forgive those who are in debt (:31);

5-to pay the Temple tax (:32-33);

6-to share in providing wood to be used to burn the sacrifices (:34-36);

7-to bring the first born of everything as a sacrifice to God (:37);

8-the Levites would pay a tithe on the tithe in order to support the serving priests, the gatekeepers, and the singers (:38-39).


Reformation of Judah                                                        Nehemiah 11-13


Nehemiah 11:1-12:26 The Cities are Populated


Nehemiah 11:1-24-Now that Jerusalem was reestablished they determined that more people needed to live there in order to keep it established and maintained so they devised a method to identify the people who would do so.  This is a list of the people who lived in Jerusalem.

Nehemiah 11:25-36-This is a list of the other villages in Judah.


Prayer: Lord, as the people read Your Word they were moved to repent of their sin.  It was through Your Word that they truly came to know You and to understand themselves.  Please speak to me through Your Word.  Let me see Your glory and faithfulness.  Teach me so that I might live in a manner that is pleasing to You.

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