Read thru Old Testament Devotional – June 1, 2017

June 1


2 Chronicles 4-6


The Reign of King Solomon, cont’d.              2 Chronicles 1-9:31


2 Chronicles 4:1-22-(construction of the Temple cont’d.)

2 Chronicles 5:1-7:22-The dedication of the Temple.

Zion is another name for Jerusalem.  In this passage and at other times, it spoke of a specific area of Jerusalem…located in the southeast part of the city.  Moriah is where the Temple was located…north of this area.


For the history, location and significance of Mt. Moriah see:


2 Chronicles 5:1-14-Solomon brings the Ark to the Temple.  The only thing in the Ark was the two tablets with the Ten Commandments on them.  When they brought the Ark in and the priests began to play their musical instruments...the cloud (the glory of God) filled the Temple so densely that the priests could not minister..."for the glory of the LORD filled the house of God" (:14)

2 Chronicles 6:1-11-Solomon speaks to the people and reminds them that God had said that a son of David would rule in his place and build a house for Him.

2 Chronicles 6:12-42-Solomon prays...

First, he is thankful that God would choose to dwell in their presence (:14-18).

Second, he asks that God will hear their prayers (:19-21).

Third, he asks that when they have sinned and confess it, that He will forgive them (:22-39).

Fourth, he asks that God’s presence with them will demonstrate the salvation that He has given them and will result in joy over the good that He has done for them (:40-42).


Prayer: Father, thank You for Your presence in my life.  Thank You that You came into my heart…as Your dwelling place.  I ask that when I pray…that You will hear and respond.  Help me to know how to both speak and listen when I pray.  And Lord, I ask that You would help me to hear when the Holy Spirit convicts me of sin…and to lead me to repentance.  Thank You Father…for saving me from my sins, for forgiving me, and for giving me eternal life.

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