Read thru Old Testament Devotional – July 9, 2017

July 9


Job 40-42


The Revelation of God (God speaks 2 times)     Job 38-41, cont’d.


Job 38-40:5            God’s Omniscience…His Knowledge of all Things (He speaks out of the “whirlwind”), cont’d.


Job 40:1-5-God now asks Job for a response.  Job wisely says that He is insignificant and has nothing to say.


  1. Jehovah explained to Job (by revealing Himself to him) that when men see God something always happens. The godly are allowed to suffer that they may see themselves first. Read Isaiah 6:1-5; Genesis 17:1-3; Daniel 10:4-8.  When we come to the end of ourselves, God can lift us up.  Job was a good man, but self-righteous.  Read Job 29:1-25 and you will find the personal pronouns “I,” “my” and “me” fifty-two times.  It reminds one of Romans 7.

God has a wise purpose in all of our suffering.  God wants to show His manifold wisdom (Ephesians 3:10).  He wants the trial of our faith to work patience.  He wants to bring out the gold as by fire.  He wants to reveal real character.

What the Bible is All About, Meirs, p. 175


Job 40:6-41            God’s Omnipotence…His Control of all Things (He speaks out of the “storm”)


Job 40:6-14-Again God speaks out of the “storm” (cf. 38:1).  Job is overwhelmed by the torrent of God’s questioning.  It is like trying to stand in the face of a hurricane.  God tells Job to do several things that are humanly impossible.  If he can do these things then God will say that Job is able to save himself, and does not need God.

Job 40:15-24-God tells Job to consider the Behemoth (hippopotamus)...that He made.  He tells Job that he cannot even control the could he even think about taking God's place and having the power to control all of His creation.

Job 41:1-34-God tells Job to consider the Leviathan (crocodile)...that He made.  Again, he tells Job that he cannot control this mighty creature.  How does he think that he could possibly have the power to assume God’s reign?


The Restoration of Job                                     Job 42


Job 42:1-6              The Repentance of Job


Job 42:2-Job agrees with God that He can do all things and that there is nothing that can stop Him

Job 42:3-5-Job says that he spoke of things that he did not know about or understand...and that he will now ask God to instruct him.  He has come to the realization that when you know God, you don’t need to know everything else.  Just knowing God is enough…because He knows everything else.

Job 42:6-Job repents of his actions.


42:1-6 Job repents of his pride and rebellion and finds contentment in the knowledge that he has God’s fellowship.  This is the great lesson of the book: If we know God, we do not need to know why He allows us to experience what we do.  He is not only in control of the universe and all its facets but also of our lives; and He loves us.  Though His ways are sometimes beyond our comprehension, we should not criticize Him for His dealings with us or with others.  God is always in control of all things, even when He appears not to be.

The Ryrie Study Bible, footnote on Job 42:1-6, p. 796.


Job 42:7-17            The Renewal of Job


Job 42:7-9-God tells Eliphaz that He is angry with him and his two friends because they did not tell the truth about Job, or the truth about God (:7,8).  They are to offer a sacrifice for forgiveness and ask Job to pray for them.  They did as God instructed and "the LORD accepted Job" (:9-God accepted Job's request).

Job 42:10-17-God restored the fortune and family of Job.

Summary: There are times when we do not know why things happen.

  • Sometimes it is because we have sinned and we suffer the consequences of our behavior.
  • Sometimes because we live in a sinful, fallen world where both bad and good stuff happens to both good and evil people...things happen that are the consequences of the behavior of other people.
  • Sometimes it is because of the nature of creation itself...the consequences of sin on nature (disease, natural disasters).
  • But sometimes, there appears to be no clear explanation, at all.

At those times (and at all times, actually)...we must depend on God, Who knows all things and is in control of all things.  It may be, as in the case of Job, that God has allowed something to happen in order to serve His own purposes.


Lessons to Learn from the book of Job

  1. God is sovereign…omniscient, omnipotent. Nothing happens without God’s permission.
  2. What God does is right…trust Him at all times & in every situation.
  3. Ultimately, all sin will be judged.
  4. Beware of self-righteousness…Job became so defensive that he went too far and failed to recognize his sinful attitude of pride.
  5. Be cautious of judging others…we don’t know all of the circumstances.
  6. Satan is a real person, not just an evil influence (1) He conversed with the Lord, which requires intellect. (2) He was antagonistic toward Job (vv. 9-11), showing that he has emotions.  (3) He purposed to destroy Job and disgrace God (1:11; 2:4-5,7), thus demonstrating that Satan has a will.  Satan’s activities, however, are limited by the sovereign control of God (1:12; 2:6). “sons of God”-angels…2:1; 38:7 (Ryrie, 748)
  7. Satan is accountable to God
  8. Satan is neither omnipresent nor omniscient…only God is.
  9. Satan can do nothing without God’s permission…and in every permission there is limitation (Job 1:12, 2:6).
  10. We live in a fallen world…any good thing that happens is the result of (1) the general goodness of God originally found in creation (though now affected by sin); or, (2) God’s direct intervention by His acts of goodness (21:16).
  11. God allows suffering because (1) it is a part of this fallen world…to remove all suffering God would also have to remove our free will, (2) it is a tool to strengthen our faith, (3) He uses it to rid us of sin…discipline, (4) it reveals our true character, (5) it demonstrates His wisdom and love.
  12. Our best, most righteous life…is still not deserving of God’s mercy because even it is tainted by sin.
  13. When we repent God will forgive.

sources: What the Bible is All About, Meirs; Through the Bible in One Year, Allen Stringfellow; Willmington’s Guide to the Bible, H.L. Willmington; The Ryrie Study Bible, Charles Ryrie


Prayer: Father, thank you for this lesson from the life of Job.  Teach me to develop my relationship with You during good times…and let that relationship be strengthened during hard times.  Help me to trust in You…Your knowledge, Your goodness, Your power, Your love…no matter what is happening.  Help me to be strong in my faith in You.

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