Read thru Old Testament Devotional – July 6, 2017

July 6


Job 33-34


The Accusations of Men            Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 32-37               Elihu’s 4 Accusations (4 speeches), cont’d.


Job 32-33               Accusation #1: You are wrong to complain against God…He is accountable to no one, cont’d.


Job 33:1-8-Elihu tells Job that he doesn't need to be afraid of him (:7) because his words come from an upright heart and with sincerity (:3-4), they are from the Spirit of God (:4), and after all, he is a man just like Job is (:6).  Sounds a little arrogant to me.  Like he is telling Job that despite his youthfulness and the great words of wisdom that he is about to speak, “I’m just a mortal man, like you.”

Job 33:9-Elihu says that he has heard what Job has said...that he is innocent and God has punished him regardless (:8-11).  He says that Job is wrong (:12).  He asks Job why he accuses God of not explaining to him why these things have happened (:13).  God often speaks but people don’t listen (:14).  And in this instance, it isn't that God has not spoken, but that Job has not heard Him.  God speaks through dreams and visions (:15-16), through pain (:19), and through angels (:23).  If a man responds positively then he is restored (:25-28).  God speaks to men on a regular basis (:29-30).  Elihu tells Job to keep quiet and listen to what he is about to say (:31-33).


Job 34                    Accusation #2: God is never unjust in His decisions.


Job 34:1-4-Elihu tells the people listening to pay close attention to what he is about to say and they will learn something.

Job 34:5-6-Elihu initially correctly presents Job's assertion of innocence.  But then he incorrectly suggests how Job had come to what he says is a false conclusion.  The Message translation helps us understand what he means…


Job 34:7-9 (Message)

Have you ever heard anything to beat this?

Does nothing faze this man Job?

Do you think he’s spent too much time in bad company,

hanging out with the wrong crowd,

So that now he’s parroting their line:

‘It doesn’t pay to try to please God’?


Job 34:10-30-Elihu says that God will not act in a wicked manner, or do wrong...He gives man according to his actions (:10-12).  He speaks correctly of the sovereign authority of God over all of creation (:13-15).  Because of God’s sovereign rule there is none who escapes His attention…He correctly and completely knows all things about all men (:16-30).  God only punishes when there is wickedness.

Job 34:31-37-So, his conclusion is that Job has sinned...but will not admit it and adds that because of Job’s refusal to accept God’s judgment there is an additional sin of rebellion added to his previous sin (:37).


Prayer: Lord, at times Elihu speaks the truth.  But the conclusions he arrives at based on the truth are not true.  Please help me to not only know the truth…but give me the wisdom to see how that truth applies in life.

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