Read thru Old Testament Devotional – July 30, 2017

July 30


Psalms 59-61


Book #2: 42-72


Psalm 59


Psalm 59:1-8-David tells God that evil men are attacking him and that it is not because of anything that he has done wrong.  He gives a vivid description of how they do so.

Psalm 59:9-17-David says that God is his stronghold and that he will trust in Him.  He asks God to destroy his enemies, so that people to the ends of the earth will know that He is the God of Jacob (Israel).  Then he will sing praises to Him.


Psalm 60


Psalm 60 While David was fighting in the north with Aram-naharaim (Mesopotamia) and Aram-zobah (between Damascus and the Upper Euphrates), Edom, invading from the south, defeated Israel.  Joab was dispatched and achieved an important victory over the Edomites (2 Sam. 8: 1 Chron. 18).  Shusan Eduth. Lit., the lily of testimony, apparently a tune.

The Ryrie Study Bible, Psalm 60, pp. 852-853


Psalm 60:1-5-David says that Israel has strayed from God.  So, He has allowed this time of distress to come upon them so that He can then rescue them and they will recognize this and return to Him.

Psalm 60:6-8-God reassures David that even as He is in control of Israel…He is in control of the other countries.

Psalm 60:9-12-David is reassured that God will go into battle with them and give them victory.


Psalm 61


Psalm 61:1-4-David is distraught.  He is surrounded by difficulties so he calls out to God in prayer.  In doing so, he is reminded of how God has given him protection and security in the past.  He says that God is a…

  • "rock that is higher than I" (:2)
  • “refuge” (:3)
  • “tower of strength” (:3)
  • “tent” (:4)
  • “shelter of Thy wings" (:4).

Psalm 61:5-8-David appeals to the covenant that God had made with him when He anointed him as king (:6-7).  His confidence is restored and for this he says that he will sing praise and "pay my vows day by day" (:8).


Prayer: Lord, no doubt, life can be difficult.  But I thank You that whenever hard times come I can call to You.  At those times, please help me to remember Who You are and what You have done in the past.  Help me to recall Your love, Your wisdom, and Your strength.  You will always see me through, no matter what I face in life.


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