Read thru Old Testament Devotional – July 23, 2017

July 23


Psalms 38-40


Book #1: 1-41, cont’d.


Psalm 38


Psalm 38 This psalm falls into three divisions, each beginning with an address to God.  The first (vv. 1-8) describes the sufferings from sin; the second (vv. 9-14), the loneliness of sin; and the third (vv. 15-22), the confession of sin.  Like other penitential psalms…this lament focuses on David’s sin and God’s chastening as the cause of the distress.

The Ryrie Study Bible, Psalm 38, p. 833


Psalm 38:1-14-David says that the cause of his struggle is the chastening hand of God for his sin (:1-2).  He describes the consequences of his it has affected him physically (:3-8), emotionally (:6b,8), and relationally (:11)...and how those who oppose him are trying to destroy him (:12).

Psalm 38:15-17- David says that David says that he will listen to the accusations of other people...but will hope in God and His answer.

Psalm 38:18-22-He confesses his iniquity.  He says his enemies "oppose me, because I follow what is good" (:20).  He calls to the Lord to save him, quickly.



Psalm 39

Jeduthun is one of the choir directors that David appointed to lead public worship (cf. 1 Chronicles 16:41; 25:1-3; see Psalms 62 and 77).

Psalm 39:1-3-David is asking God to forgive him and relieve him of the punishment for his sin.  He says that he recognizes that it is God Who has done this (:9,11)...and that he was so upset about it that he did not say anything about it in front of other people lest they think that he was being disloyal to God (:1).

Psalm 39:4-6-David asks that instead, God would use this very circumstance to make him aware of the brevity of life.

Psalm 39:7-11-He says that the only answer for his sin is in God and that because of that fact he will not complain.

Psalm 39:12-13-David asks God to hear his prayer and turn His gaze of judgment away from him.


Psalm 40

Psalm 40:1-3-David tells how God rescued him in the past during difficult times and put a song of praise in his heart.  Those who hear of this will be encouraged to put their trust in God.

Psalm 40:4-5-This is not the first time God has done this.  In fact, David says that they are too numerous to write down.

Psalm 40:6-8-David says that it is not sacrifices and offerings that God wants from him...but to do God's will as he knows it in his heart.

Psalm 40:9-10-David says that he has spoken of God's faithfulness and salvation to everyone, even in the great congregation.

Psalm 40:11-15-He asks God to protect him from those who seek to destroy him.

Psalm 40:16-17-David calls on all those who seek God to continually give Him praise.


Prayer: Lord, help me to always be mindful of Your faithfulness to me in the past.  Days will come when I will need to remember these things…so that they may give me faith during difficult times.

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