Read thru Old Testament Devotional – July 19, 2017

July 19


Psalms 28-30


Book #1: 1-41, cont’d.


Psalm 28

Psalm 28:1-5-David prays that God will hear his prayers and not treat him as those who are wicked.  Notice that one characteristic of the wicked that David identifies is that they present themselves as being at peace with people and yet all the while they are strategizing evil plans against them in their heart.  They receive the punishment they are due because they refuse to acknowledge God.

Psalm 28:6-9-David thanks God for hearing his prayers and says that his heart exults in Him and that he will sing praise to Him.  He expands his prayer from himself to all the people of God.  Notice the several different metaphors that David uses to illustrate God’s protection: rock (:1), strength and shield (:7), saving defense (:8), shepherd (:9).


Psalm 29

Psalm 29:1-2-David tells people to give God the worship and glory that is due to Him.  When he speaks of the “name” of God he is referring to His character, His nature.  He says that by virtue of Who He is, God is worthy of praise.

Psalm 29:3-9-David compares the mighty voice of the LORD to a thunderstorm.


When our children were younger we lived in Chattanooga Valley in northern Georgia.  Our home was in the middle of the valley and we could look to the west just a few miles and see the peak of Lookout Mountain and the ridge of mountains associated with it that ran north to south.  Occasionally, a large storm would come from the west and the clouds would drape close to the top of the mountain and then suddenly pour down the mountainside into the valley.  When this happened, it was not unusual for there to be loud reverberations of rumbling thunder and huge flashes of jagged lightning.  Our son Jeremy, and I, would sit on the front porch and watch this amazing display.  When the lightning would flash and the thunder would resound we would shout, “Wow!  Way to go, God!”


Seven times in verses 3-9 David uses the words, “The voice of the LORD”.  This phrase speaks of God’s authority and control over all of creation.  He speaks and it is done.  Here, David is describing the movement of a massive storm.


29:3-9 David describes a mighty thunderstorm which rises from the W. over the Mediterranean (vv. 3-4), breaks in full fury over the mountains of Lebanon and Sirion (Mt. Hermon) and down the length of Canaan (vv. 5-7), and finally passes out of sight and sound into the desert of Kadesh (vv. 8-9).

Ryrie Study Bible, footnote on Psalm 29:3-9, p. 823


David is telling us that God is in control of this storm.  God controls the waters, the winds that break down trees, the mountains (Lebanon, Sirion), the wilderness, animal life, and forests.  As a result, when those that are in His temple recognize God’s control…they proclaim “Glory!” to Him.

Psalm 29:10-11-The word "flood" is found elsewhere only in Genesis 6-11.  David is referring to the flood of Noah.  God was in control of that storm and He is in control of the storm he has just described.  David says that when we realize the control of God as demonstrated in these storms we will recognize the control of God in our lives.


Psalm 30

Psalm 30:1-5-David thanks the LORD for saving him.  The word “extol” (NASV) means “to lift up, to exalt”.  He was right at the brink of death (Sheol), but God saved him (:3).  There was a short time when God was angry with him...but His favor is eternal.  Comparable to those same time frames...there was a short time when there was weeping...but now, his joy will last forever.

Psalm 30:6-12-David asks God to answer him when he calls for help.  He suggests that saving him would be better than allowing him to die, be buried, and his body decompose into the ground…because while he can give praise to God, the ground cannot (:9).  David says that God has spared him so that he can praise Him.  Therefore, he will praise Him, forever.


Prayer: Lord, I pray that You will let me hear Your voice.  Speak to my heart so that I may lift up my voice in praise.  And Lord, I pray that You will be my strength and defense against all who would harm me.  Let Your protection be evident so that others might be drawn to Your care, as well.


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