Read thru Old Testament Devotional – July 15, 2017

July 15


Psalms 17-18


Book #1: 1-41, cont’d.


Psalm 17

This Psalm, along with Psalms 86, 90, 102, and 142, are identified as a “prayer” (the Hebrew word is “tephillah).

Psalm 17:1-5-David calls upon the LORD and asks Him to give him an opportunity to build his case.  He tells God that his prayer comes from an honest heart (:1).  He says that when God examines him…He will find that he has been faithful in all of his ways to Him (:2).  God will find that not only has he not done any evil, he hasn’t even given it a moment’s thought and certainly has not discussed any evil plans with anyone else (:3).  In fact, when people tried to entice him to do evil…he turned to the words of God to find strength to refuse (:4).  He has been faithful and  true (:5).  He is confident that when God has all of the facts that He will answer him (:6).  God will protect him (:7).  God will protect him the way a man protects his eyes from harm.  The term, “apple of the eye” speaks of the pupil and how a person protects it from being harmed.  God will place David under His protective care…as a mother bird places her chicks under her wings (:8).

Psalm 17:9-12-David describes the attack of his enemies on him.  They…

  • are out to destroy him (:9)
  • gang up on him (:9)
  • they show no compassion to him (:10)
  • they speak with contempt of him (:10)
  • they have continuously harassed him (:11)
  • they determined to utterly annihilate him (:11)
  • they are like an animal, not even acting with human feelings (:12)
  • they hide around the corners, ready to pounce on him (:12)

Psalm 17:13-15-David asks that God rescue him from these men (:13).  He says that the wicked are satisfied with the things of the earth (:14), but that he is satisfied with God (:15).  He concludes with an amazing affirmation of faith in the resurrection (:15).


Psalm 18

This Psalm is a praise song of victory that David wrote possibly towards the end of his reign.  It closely parallels 2 Samuel 22.

Psalm 18:1-2-David describes God as a rock, a fortress, and a stronghold.

Psalm 18:3-He says that he will call upon the Lord.  He is “worthy to be praised”…meaning that when we call on the Lord in prayer it is in effect an expression of our praise to Him since we believe that He is capable of answering.  It is in answer to his prayer that David will be saved.

Psalm 18:4-6a-David was helpless and about to be defeated when he cried out to God.

Psalm 18:6b-15-David describes the magnitude of God's response in terms of earthly phenomena.

Psalm 18:16-19-David describes God’s rescue of him.

Psalm 18:20-27-David says that God rescued him because he had been righteous in his ways.  God responds to us according to our faithfulness to Him.  The Message translation beautifully phrases verse 24:


God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.


Psalm 18:28-29-God gives wisdom and power to those who honor Him.

Psalm 18:30-45-David describes how God was with him and helped him to totally subdue his enemies.

Psalm 18:46-50-David gives praise to God for rescuing him.


Prayer: Lord, Psalm 18 is wonderful!  You welcome those who come to You with open arms and give them safety.  Verse 24 tells me that when I come to You…You will rewrite the pages of my life.  You give me a new hope and a new future.  Thank You, Lord.

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