Read thru Old Testament Devotional – July 13, 2017

July 13


Psalms 10-12


Book #1: 1-41, cont’d.


Psalm 10

This Psalm does not offer the name of its author…but because of its content and similarity with Psalm 9, it is likely that it is David.

Psalm 10:1-David’s lament in this Psalm is that he does not sense God's presence.

Psalm 10:2-11-And yet, he sees the wicked seemingly getting away, unpunished, with their evil behavior and not giving a thought to God.  Even the wicked seem to think that God has not noticed what they are doing, has forgotten it, or will not punish them for it (:4,5,11).

Psalm 10:12-15-David calls upon God to execute judgment (:12a,15).

  • The wicked go on as if God doesn’t care, or He won’t do anything (:13).
  • He knows that God is aware of it (:14a).
  • He tells Him that the “afflicted”, the “unfortunate”, and the “orphan” are depending on Him (:12b,14b).

Psalm 10:16-18-David concludes with a statement of confidence that God will perform righteous judgment.


Psalm 11

Psalm 11:1-3-David cries out to God. Saul is hot on his trail and he is under attack (perhaps by Saul, 1 Samuel 8:11, 19:10) and God has not answered his prayers. David has been advised by his counselors to flee from those persecuting him.  It seems that He has forgotten him and has hidden His face from him.  But regardless, David speaks of his trust and confidence in God.  First, he declares that God is his “refuge”…the place where he turns for safety and protection (:1).  Then, he says that if he could not turn to that place there would be no hope at all (:3).

Psalm 11:4-6-David’s assurance in God rests on the facts that: one, he knows where He is…meaning that God is accessible and has not abandoned him (:4); two, God knows all things about all people…and He will judge the wicked (:5-6); three, God is righteous and loves those who practice righteousness…those are the ones that He will allow into His presence (:7).


Psalm 12

Psalm 12:1-David says that it seems like the wicked are of such number that the righteous are being swallowed up, overwhelmed by them.

Psalm 12:2-4-The wicked say that no one can tell them what to say, or what not to say (:4).  The words of the wicked are false.

Psalm 12:5-But God says that He is now going to rescue the afflicted.

Psalm 12:6-But God's words are pure…meaning that they are without falsehood and that God can be trusted to do what He says.


Prayer: Lord, You tell us to seek the counsel of godly men.  And yet, even godly men may have limited understanding.  So, I pray that You would help me to be able to discern the truth concerning what is happening in my life and what I should do.  Please give me godly men to offer counsel.  But help me to be able to determine if what they are saying is truly from You, or just their personal perspective (even if they intend good will towards me).


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