Read thru Old Testament Devotional – July 1, 2017

July 1


Job 21-22


The Accusations of Men            Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 15-21               Accusations Round 2 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar), cont’d.


Job 21                    Job’s Response: Both the good and the wicked benefit from the benevolence of God.  Ultimately the wicked will be judged.


Job 21:1-6-Zophar had just told Job that he was offended by what Job had said (20:1-3).  Job responds by saying, “You’re offended!  Look at me…I look terrible.  You can barely look at me without putting your hand over your face.  And then all you can do is condemn me.  And you think you’re the one that’s offended.”

Job 21:7-16-You are wrong in your evaluation that the wicked always suffer for their sin...while they are still alive.  Look around you...many wicked people are doing well and prospering.  Not only that…they tell God to take a hike.  They don’t need Him.

Job 21:17-21-Job challenges Zophar by asking him to identify one wicked person whose life has been prematurely ended.  Then he assumes that Zophar is thinking that while he may not be able to identify such a wicked person…then surely the children of the wicked person would suffer for his sins.  Job says that the wicked man, because he is wicked, could care less if his children suffer…so what difference would that make?  Anyway, the wicked man himself should suffer for his own wickedness, not his children.

Job 21:22-34-Is there anyone who could claim to tell God how to do His business better?  He already knows the fate of all people…whether a man dies while he is happy and healthy, or a man dies as a bitter person.  The fact is, they both die.  And it is after death, that the wicked will certainly pay for his life.

Summary: Job tells Zophar that he is wrong in his conclusion that he is suffering in this life because of his sin.  He tells him to look at all the wicked who die in peace.  If not all the wicked suffer in this life for their sin...then the opposite could be true, that not all the righteous will prosper in this life.  Then he tells him that he has brought him little comfort with his counsel.


Job 22-31               Accusations Round 3 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar)


Job 22                    Eliphaz’s 3rd Accusation: It is obvious from what has happened that you are even a greater sinner than we first thought.


Job 22:1-4-Eliphaz mocks Job by asking if it is because of his supreme righteousness that he is being punished.  This is perhaps in response to Job's reply to Zophar (21:14-15).  It’s as if he was saying, “Oh, maybe we’ve got it exactly backwards.  God isn’t punishing you because you’re so bad…it’s because you’re so good!”

Job 22:5-11-Eliphaz now makes wild accusations of sin against Job.  Maybe he was hoping that in this litany of sins he would accidentally hit on the right one.

Job 22:12-20-He then suggests that Job thinks that God is so distant, and removed from earth that He is not aware of what is really going on.

Job 22:21-30-He tells Job that if he will just repent of his sin, then God will take him back...and he will have a good life, again.  God is aware and waiting for you to repent.  He will totally restore your life to you.  Perhaps this was an appeal to the good things of life that Job was missing, as opposed to the wicked things that Eliphaz mentions, in order to draw Job to repentance.


Prayer: Father, You are high and lofty…”in the height of heaven”.  You are unbounded by the restraints of creation.  And yet, You are immediately present with me…here, within the context of creation.  Help me to always have the correct balance of those twin realities.  On one hand, Your greatness exceeds my comprehension.  I simply cannot fathom all that You are.  On the other hand, I know You as a person knows his father…intimate, tender, loving, protecting.


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