Read thru Old Testament Devotional – April 29, 2017

April 29


2 Samuel 21-22


A Famine in the Land & War with the Philistines      2 Samuel 21


2 Samuel 21:1-14-There was a famine in the land.  God told David it was because Saul had slain many of the Gibeonites (ancestors of the Amorites that Israel had made a covenant with, cf. Joshua 9:3-27) in his zeal to purify the land.  The famine was God’s way of punishing Israel for what they had done.  David asked them what he could do to make things right.  They requested that 7 descendants of Saul be turned over to them...and they hanged them.  This was in keeping with the principle of a life for a life found in Numbers 35:31.  But why would these 7 men be chosen to die?  It is possible that these 7 sons of Saul were chosen because they were implicated in having been a part of the attack on the Gibeonites (cf. Deuteronomy 24:16).

2 Samuel 21:15-17-David was at war with the Philistines...and a descendant of Goliath was fighting with him and about to kill of David's soldiers named Abishai saved him.  They decided that David would not go out to war, anymore.

2 Samuel 21:18-22-There were other descendants of Goliath among the Philistines...and David's men killed them in battle.


David’s Song of Praise to the Lord for Delivering Him (Psalm 18) 2 Samuel 22


2 Samuel 22:1-51-David wrote a song of victory when he had defeated all of his enemies.


Prayer: Lord, give me a song of victory!  Let my life be lifted up to You as a song of praise.  Let each day be a new verse that speaks of Your faithfulness.  Let Your Word be the notes that are clearly written to guide my steps.  Let Your will and purpose be the tempo that brings rhythm to the verses.  And let Your glory be the theme that resounds in our hearts and lifts voices in worship.  Lord, sing through me Your song of praise.

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