Read thru Old Testament Devotional – April 24, 2017

April 24


2 Samuel 10-12


The Conquests of David for the Kingdom, cont’d.   2 Samuel 8-10       


2 Samuel 10:1-19-Nahash, king of the Ammonites died and David decides to console his son, Hanun.  His princes convinced him that David was actually sending his representatives to spy out the land.  He had their beards shaved half off, and their robes cut off above the waist...greatly humiliating them.  He then hired the armies of other kings to join him in battle against David.  David sent out Joab and the army...they defeated Hanun.  Later, the Arameans attacked again, but David defeated them.


The Sin of David with Bathsheba                             2 Samuel 11-12     


2 Samuel 11-20-These chapters record troubles that David experienced in the areas of morals, politics, and family.  Despite the fact that God had chosen and anointed him…this did not exempt him from responsibility for his decisions.  At times there were devastating consequences.

2 Samuel 11:1-13-It is springtime and David sent his army to fight the Ammonites...he stayed in Jerusalem.  In that part of the world it was common for wars to be fought in the springtime…winter was too harsh, the cold and rainy weather making it difficult.  David was walking on his roof-top and saw Bathsheba bathing (possibly looking down he could see through a window).  David, aroused by his lust, sent for her, had sex with her and she conceived.  Her husband was Uriah (means: Yahweh is my light) the Hittite.  David sent for Uriah to return from the battle on the pretense of finding out how the war was going.  In reality, he wanted to get him to come home so that he would have sex with Bathsheba and cover up that she was pregnant by David.  But Uraiah would not sleep with his wife while his comrades were still in battle.  David told him to stay two more days...he even got him drunk...but it did not work.

2 Samuel 11:14-27-David now tries another tactic to cover up his sin.  He sent Uriah back to Joab with a letter that told him to put Uriah in a place in the battle where he was sure to get killed.  Just as David had planned…Uriah was killed.  After Bathsheba mourned over Uriah's death...David made her his wife.  David thought that he had gotten away with adultery and murder…"But the thing that David had done was evil in the sight of the LORD" (:27).

2 Samuel 12:1-25-God sent Nathan, the prophet to confront David about what he had done.  Nathan tells David a story about a man who had power and took a poor man's lamb from him by force.  David was angry over the story.  Nathan confronts David that the story is about him..."You are the man!" (:7).  Through Nathan, God tells David that someone from his own family will revolt against him and try to take the kingdom away (:10-11…this would happen through the deaths of his sons Amnon and Absalom, and Absalom’s violent uprising and violation of David’s concubines, 16:22).  David confesses his sin.  Nathan says that the LORD has taken away all of his sin and he will not die, but Bathsheba's child will die.  The child became sick and David fasted and prayed for him.  On the seventh day the child died and David's servants were afraid to tell him.  When David found out he got up, bathed, and went to worship.  He told his servants that he could not bring the child back to him, but one day he would go to the child.  He comforted Bathsheba.  She later she conceived, again...and gave birth to Solomon.  Nathan named him Jedidiah (means: beloved of the Lord).

2 Samuel 12:26-31-Joab goes to battle against Rabbah, the Ammonite.  When the capital city was about to fall David went and led the army to victory…so that he would receive credit and not Joab.  Afterwards, David had the people put to death in very excruciating manners that were in keeping with the very methods of torture that the Ammonites themselves practiced.  To some interpreters these methods do not seem appropriate.  So, they have suggested that these words could be interpreted to mean that he put them to forced labor, instead.  However, it would require a change in the meaning of the wording from ”pass through” to “toil at”.


Prayer: Lord, once David began to sin…it escalated from one thing to the next.  I pray that first of all You would keep me from sin.  Holy Spirit…convict me at the point of temptation, don’t even let it go any further than that.  But should I sin…please help me to confess that sin immediately and to repent.  Don’t let me get caught into the deceptive web of sin and begin to make excuses.

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