Read thru Old Testament Devotional – April 18, 2017

April 18

1 Samuel 25-26


The Waiting King: David (God’s choice), cont’d.     1 Samuel 16-31     


1 Samuel 25:1-Samuel died and was buried in Ramah (cf. 28:3).  The last of the Judges has passed away.  An era in the history of Israel is over.

1 Samuel 25:1-44-David went to the wilderness of Paran.  A man named Nabal (from Carmel, a Calebite, his name means: fool) went to Maon to sheer his sheep.  He was a very harsh (:3) man.  He was married to an intelligent and beautiful woman named Abigail (:3, means “one who is the cause of joy”).  David sent some of his men to him and said that since he had protected his men and flocks from harm while they were in the wilderness...would he give them some food.  Nabal insulted David’s men, sent a harsh word back, and even said bad things about David.  David took offense and decided to attack Nabal.  Abigail intervened...and David stopped.  Ten days later Nabal died.  David then married Abigail.  David had another wife, Ahinoam of Jezreel.

1 Samuel 26:1-25-Evidently, David still did not feel safe from Saul.  That is the reason why he went into the wilderness of Ziph (25:1) and was still there.  Saul found out and came after him with 3,000 men (David has about 600, 25:13).  David and one other man snuck into Saul's camp at night and took his spear and water container.  They were on the ground right next to where Saul was sleeping.  Abishai saw it as an opportunity to kill Saul and rid David of an enemy.  However, David trusted in the sovereignty of God and said that in time, God would take care of Saul, one way, or another (:10).  David honored God by honoring Saul, God’s servant.  Despite the fact that Saul was not honoring God.  David did not let Saul dictate his behavior.  David and Abishai climbed a nearby hill and then called to Abner and told him that he had failed to protect his king.  Saul said that he had sinned (:21) for planning to kill David.


Prayer: Lord, help me to trust in Your sovereignty even when it seems that things are out of control.  Don’t let me base my faith in You, or my response to people…on the appearances of the situation, or on the attitudes of others.

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