Read thru Old Testament Devotional – April 12, 2017

April 12


1 Samuel 10-12


The First King: Saul (man’s choice), cont’d.  1 Samuel 9-15       


1 Samuel 10:1-16-Samuel anoints Saul to become king of Israel.  He then gives Saul three signs that will confirm that what he has said is true.  Each sign happened exactly the way that he said.  The third sign was that Saul would meet a group of prophets and the Spirit would come upon him and he would prophesy.  When this happened…the people who knew him were surprised.  Samuel gave Saul specific instructions that he was going to send him to Gilgal and that he was to wait for him there for seven days.  Samuel told Saul that he would come there and he would make offerings.

1 Samuel 10:17-Samuel calls the people to gather at appoint a king.  When it came time to identify him Saul was hiding behind the baggage.  Samuel anointed Saul as king.  Some men accepted him, but some "worthless men" (:27) did not.  Saul returned home.

1 Samuel 11:1-15-The Ammonites attack Jabesh-gilead (located on the eastern side of the Jordan River).  They agree to make a treaty with them if they allow them to gouge out the right eye of every person.  This would give them a distinct advantage in a battle if they later tried to revolt.  The citizens of Jabesh-gilead request that they have time to think about it and to see if anyone will come to their rescue.  When word gets to Saul, “the Spirit of God came upon Saul.”    He became very angry.  He cut a yoke of oxen into pieces and sent them throughout Israel…saying that whoever refused to come help him fight the Ammonites would face the same fate as the oxen.  The next day they attack the Ammonites and win the battle.  This confirmed to the people that God had called Saul to be their king.  Afterward, Samuel leads the people to go to Gilgal and reaffirms Saul as their new king.

1 Samuel 12:1-25-Saul speaks to the people.  He reminds them of God's faithfulness in the past and warns them that they must now be faithful to God and to the king that God has anointed to serve Him.  Then God sends a miraculous thunderstorm as a reminder that He is their ultimate king.


Prayer: Lord, it seems only natural to look to the world around me, to those things that I can see and touch…and expect to find security in them.  But Lord, help me to place my trust in You.  Let Your Holy Spirit speak to my heart all day, every day…like a thunderstorm…and be a constant reminder of Your presence.


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