Read thru New Testament – March 5, 2017

March 5


Mark 10:32-52

Mk. 10:32-34-They are on the road going “up” to Jerusalem (it was situated 2,500 above sea level…their route probably led them through the Jordan Valley which was below sea level). The disciples were “amazed” at the determination of Jesus to go to Jerusalem and at the same time “fearful” knowing what possibly would happen there.  Jesus tells the disciples what was going to happen in detail (arrest, trial, death, resurrection).

Mk. 10:35-45-James and John request to sit on his right and left hands in Heaven, places of authority. The other 10 disciples become upset over their request.  Jesus tells them that they do not understand what it would cost them to have this privilege.  Then, He tells them that following Him will in fact cost them greatly.  He again teaches them that greatness in His kingdom is measured by service to others.  He is the perfect example of this principle.

Mk. 10:46-While passing through Jericho a blind man named Bartimaeus calls out to Jesus for mercy...the people try to make him be quiet.  How many times have people wanted to come to Jesus...but other people tried to silence them.  Why?  They didn't fit their picture of a follower of Jesus.  They were disturbing their idea of what should be happening.  Jesus tells Bartimaeus, "Go your way...", and he began "following Him on the road". Now…Jesus’ way was Barnabus’ way.  That’s what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.


Prayer: Lord, one moment here we see Your disciples clambering for position, to be next to You (in prestige and power).  But You correct's not where you sit that matters, but how you serve.  Then we see people who should be serving others and bringing the needy to You...actually attempting to hinder them.  Please help me Lord...because I often want to sit by Your side and share in Your glory...instead of being a servant who thinks of others before I think of myself and who brings those that need You, to bring You glory.

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