Read thru New Testament Devotional – March 10, 2017

March 10


Mark 13:1-13

Mk. 13:1-2-As Jesus is leaving the Temple, He predicts the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple.

The Temple was a magnificent building.  It was built in such a way as to inspire those who entered it to worship God.


For a description of the Temple see:

For an interesting 3D Tour of the Temple see (this website also has some beautiful video of Jerusalem and many of the other important Biblical sites):


Mk. 13:3-37-Jesus goes to the Mt. of Olives where He teaches how we are to live during the last days.


For information on the Mt. of Olives see:


Mk. 13:3-This discussion took place only with Peter, James, John, and Andrew...they wanted to know when these things would take place and what sign will be given that they are to begin.

Mk. 13:5-8-Jesus warns them to be careful to not be misled…because there will be both false prophets and false signs.

Mk. 13:9-11-There will be attacks on believers...but the Holy Spirit will guide you in what to say when such things take place.

Mk. 13:12-13-This attack will come from those near to us, as well as from those we don't even know...and you will be hated by many. However…despite everything that Jesus says will happen there is a positive, hopeful promise…”the one who endures to the end, he shall be saved.” An interesting thought: Saved from what?  If he endures all that Jesus has spoken of…what will he then need to be saved from?


The word “endure” is also translated as:

Abide, Abode:

lit., "to abide under" (hupo, "under"), signifies "to remain in a place instead of leaving it, to stay behind," e.g., Luk 2:43; Act 17:14; or "to persevere," Mat 10:22; 24:13; Mar 13:13; in each of which latter it is used with the phrase "unto the end;" or "to endure bravely and trustfully," e.g., Hbr 12:2, 3, 7, suggesting endurance under what would be burdensome. See also Jam 1:12; 5:11; 1Pe 2:20. Cp. makrothumeo, "to be longsuffering."


It might be better to translate the phrase this way…”the person who is found to still be faithful and obedient at the end the end of his life, is the person who is saved”. In other words, endurance, perseverance, and faithfulness are characteristic of those who are truly saved.  So, in a sense, our promise bears an intrinsic warning.  If a signature mark of a person who is saved is that he perseveres and continues in the faith no matter what happens.  Could it be said that the opposite is true?  Could it be that an identifying mark of a person who is not saved is that he does not endure, he stops short and walks away when persecution reaches his front door?


Prayer: Lord, please help me to have the wisdom to know the truth.  Sometimes the attacks are not frontal, but much more subtle.  Help me to recognize them all.  And Lord, please help me to love You more...more than I love all matter who they may be.  So that I will stand with You, regardless of the cost.

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