Read thru New Testament – February 20, 2017

February 20


Mark 3:22-35

Mk. 3:22-27-The scribes claim that Jesus is possessed by Beelzebub.  Jesus responds by saying that if He is possessed by Satan and is casting out the demons of Satan...then Satan is finished…because he would be fighting against himself.  Then He says that the only way that He has the power to overcome demons is that first He must have had the power to overcome Satan…their master.

Mk. 3:28-30-Jesus then says that anyone who attributes His work to Satan has committed a sin that cannot be forgiven (cf. January 16, Matt. 12:22-50).

Mk. 3:31-35-His mother and brothers arrive and ask for Him.  He announces that anyone who does the will of God is His true brother and sister and mother. Those who belong to the family of God are closer to Jesus than those of His own earthly family.

Prayer:  Lord, sometimes it is discouraging when people misunderstand me, or misrepresent me.  I am trying to do Your work...and yet, there are those, who challenge, question, and oppose virtually everything that I do.  Please help me to have Your know which among them are just immature and mistaken...trying to follow You, but not seeing things correctly; and those that are simply opposed to You and the work You are doing through me.  Then Lord, give me the wisdom to know what to to respond according to Your will to each of them. And Father, I pray that You would give me the humility to accept critique when it is correct.


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