Read thru New Testament Devotional – September 20, 2017

Paul’s defense of his Apostolic ministry-part 2 (10:1-13:10), continued
2 Corinthians 11:16-33- He distinguishes his ministry from others claiming to be Apostles (11-12). He points to...(continued)

5. His willingness to suffer for the ministry (11:16-33)-Paul now makes a straight-up comparison of these false teachers to himself...even though he feels uncomfortable doing so (:16-18). He says that the Corinthians have allowed people to influence them who have no real credentials (as he does, :18), who have taken advantage of them (he has not, :19), who have not demonstrated their commitment (as he has, :22-28), and who does not have true concern for them (that he does, :29). Paul says that while they boast about their strength, he boasts about being weak and depending on God. He demonstrates this dependence with an incident that took place in Damascus...when he had to depend on others to save him (:30-33).

Prayer: Father, Paul was a man who had much to boast about...and yet, he boasted not about himself, but about You. Sometimes I want to be like Paul...but when I look at what all Paul had to go through I realize that being like him would not be an easy task. He suffered physical pain from being beaten and attacked, as well as that which came from his travels. He suffered being away from family and friends. He suffered emotionally when he was ridiculed and maligned. Please, Lord, help me to remain strong in You, no matter what I must face in life. Help me to find my strength in You.

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