Read thru New Testament Devotional – September 19, 2017

Paul’s defense of his Apostolic ministry-part 2 (10:1-13:10), continued
2 Corinthians 11:1-15-He distinguishes his ministry from others who claim to be Apostles (11-12). He points to...

  1. His love for the people (11:1-2)-Paul tells the church that he has deep feelings for them.
  2. His message (11:3-4)-He reminds them that he was very clear in explaining who Jesus was. His fear for them is that they will be deceived by the craftiness of these false apostles into believing matters that are false about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or the basics of the message of the Gospel.
  1. Their desire for money (11:5-12)-These false prophets are driven by their desire for money and they see an opportunity to get money from the church. Paul reminds them that he never did this (cf. 12:13-18).
  2. Their deceptive practices (11:13-15)-They try to disguise themselves as being from God, even as Satan does...but they are not.

Prayer: Lord, please give me the wisdom to discern the truth. Don't let me be deceived by those who disguise themselves...but are not really from You. Help me to serve You with the right heart and motivation...never out of pride, or for any reward from men...but for Your glory.

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