Read thru New Testament Devotional – June 25, 2017


June 25


Acts 7:20-43

Acts 7:20-43-Stephen continues with a running history of God's work in Israel up until the time of Moses.  He then uses Moses as both a shadow, or portrayal of Jesus and as one who proclaimed the coming of Jesus (:37).   Notice the facts Stephen identifies about Moses…that were also true about Jesus:

  1. he was pleasing to God at his birth (:20-“lovely”-while this word speaks of the outward appearance, it also means appropriate, or suitable…though only a child, God knew that Moses was the correct one to be used to bring Him glory through the mission He would give him)
  2. he was born in obscurity (:20)
  3. he refused to accept a worldly kingdom (:24-29; Hebrews 11:24-26)
  4. he tried to rescue his own people from slavery (:25)
  5. he was misunderstood by his own people (:27,35)
  6. he was sent by God (:34-35)
  7. he performed wonders and signs (:36)
  8. he was a prophet (:37)
  9. he received the word of God to pass on to them (:38)
  10. he was rejected by the leaders (:39; :2,51,52-“fathers”-Stephen uses the same word for the leaders in Moses’ day that he used of the leaders that he was addressing…showing that they were both reacting in a similar manner to the one that God had sent)
  11. he brought the presence of God into their midst (:44)

Moses assumed that when he tried to defend the slave from the Egyptian that the other Jews would understand that he was trying to deliver them...but they did not (:25).  When Moses became aware that others had seen him kill the Egyptian he knew that would be held accountable for the murder.  So, he fled for his life and hid in the desert.  Moses was 40 years old when this happened (:23) and it was another 40 years before God appeared to him in the wilderness (:30).

Prayer: Lord, don't let me miss anything that You reveal to me.  Here was Stephen, clearly showing from Scripture Who Jesus was...and yet, the Council refused to accept it...probably because it did not fit their preconceived ideas about the Messiah.  Please don't let my opinion, or prejudices get in the way of what You reveal.  Let Your Holy Spirit make Your truth clear to me.

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