Read thru New Testament Devotional – June 22, 2017

June 22


Acts 5:17-42

Acts 5:17-The high priest (and Sadducees, his religious party) put the apostles in jail.  During the night, an angel opened the gates, instructed them to go to the Temple and proclaim “the whole message of this Life,” and ushered them out.  They went to the Temple and began to speak.  In the morning, when the high priest (and the Sanhedrin) sent for them they were not in the jail and they could not figure out what had happened.  Someone reported that they were in the Temple, so they had them arrested and brought to them.  The high priest told them that they had been ordered to stop speaking about Jesus...and trying to pin His death on them.  Peter said, "We must obey God rather than men." (:29)...then continued to preach about Jesus.  He calls Jesus a “Prince” (the word means “Author, or Leader” and speaks of the one who takes the lead and initiates something…cf. Hebrews 12:2; Acts 3:15).  The Council was so angry that they intended to kill them.  But a man named Gamaliel reminded them of groups that had risen before and then failed.  And that the same would happen with these men if God was not with them.


Ryrie Study Bible

5:34 Gamaliel.  A respected rabbi who followed the liberal interpretations of Hillel, another rabbi who lived shortly before the time of Christ.  His popularity demanded that the Sanhedrin listen to him.  Paul was a student of Gamaliel (22:3).

5:36 Theudas.  This is the only historical reference to him.

5:37 Judas…rose up.  This revolt (in A.D. 6) is described by the historian Josephus.  The followers of this Judas became the “Zealots.”


Then, they were flogged and ordered to not preach, anymore.  The apostles rejoiced that they were worthy to suffer for Jesus.  After that, every day, in the Temple and in houses they kept on preaching and teaching about Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, please give me the discernment and the courage to stand strong and faithful for You, no matter what the circumstances.  I do pray that You will protect me even as You did the Apostles when they were put in jail.

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