Read thru New Testament Devotional – July 28, 2017

July 28


Acts 27:26-44

The ship has floundered in the storm for 14 days.  When the water began to get shallow, some of the sailors decided that they would escape the ship before it crashed onto a reef.  They lowered the ship’s small boat into the water on the pretense that they were going to put out anchors to slow the drift of the ship.  However, Paul knew what they were doing and warned the centurion that unless they all stayed on the ship, then they would not survive (they needed the sailors to continue sailing the boat as long as possible!).  He ordered the soldiers to cut the ropes so that the boat drifted away.  Paul now spoke to those onboard and encouraged them to eat.  When morning arrived, they saw land but did not know where they were.  They decided to beach the ship as close to shore as possible…so that they could then swim to safety.  However, before they came close enough they ran onto a reef and were stuck.  The waves began to break the ship apart.  The soldiers decided to kill the prisoners so that they could not escape (:42).  But the centurion gave an order to allow everyone to try to make it to shore.  As a result, everyone survived.

Prayer: Father, help me to be a man that others will look to even in difficult times.  Help me to be an encourager.  There are so many people who are negative, and who want to start blaming people when things go wrong (here they were going to abandon ship and later kill the prisoners).  There are always people who can tell you what is wrong.  But help me to be like Paul.  To give other people hope when things are hard and difficult.  Help me to hear Your voice and know Your will no matter what the circumstances.

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