Read thru New Testament Devotional – July 19, 2017

July 19


Acts 21:1-14

Acts 21:1-They then traveled to Cos, then Rhodes, then Patara...finally landing at Tyre (:1-3), where they stayed for 7 days.  The believers there were telling Paul to not go to Jerusalem because they feared for his safety.  But, they left anyway.  As they left the city they gathered the believers together and were "kneeling down on the beach and praying" (:5).  They sailed for Ptolemais and stayed there for one day...then sailed on to Caesarea.  They went to the house of Philip the evangelist (cf. 6:5; 8:5) and stayed there.  Philip had four virgin daughters who were prophetesses.  While they were there a prophet named Agabus came from Judea.  He prophesied that the Jews would bind (arrest) Paul.  They begged Paul to not go to Jerusalem...but he said that was willing to die there, if necessary.

Prayer: Lord, during all the trials and troubles that Paul faced...there were always people who supported him.  Please let me be that kind of a person.  Help me to always speak the truth to those about what is going on in their lives (even if it is difficult for me to say)...but also, to bring comfort, and love, and friendship to people who are facing difficult times.

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