Read thru New Testament Devotional – August 10, 2017

August 10


Romans 10

Israel’s Initial Rejection of God’s Plan for Salvation (9:30-10:21), cont’d.

God’s Provision for Faith to Receive Salvation (10:1-21)

Romans 10:1-12-Paul says that the Jews have tried to attain righteousness by works of the Law.  They are very sincere and tried to keep the Law perfectly.  But it is impossible to do so.  In fact, the harder they try, the worse they get…because through their very efforts to attain righteousness on their own they are being disobedient to God’s plan for them to receive righteousness from Him by faith.  The key is faith in Jesus...Who then gives His righteousness to the believer.  And, it is not difficult to believe in Jesus, like it is difficult to fulfill the Law.  You don't have to make an impossible traveling to Heaven or Hell...because Jesus is immediately available to everyone by faith, both Jew and Gentile.

Romans 10:13-16-Paul says that someone must go and tell people about Jesus.  But not everyone is going to believe.

Romans 10:17-21-Paul rhetorically asks if the reason why Israel has not responded in faith is because they have not heard.  Then he answers that that is not the problem.  They have heard…but they have not believed.  God has been speaking to them continuously.  He then quotes from the books of poetry (Psalm 19:4), the Law (Deuteronomy 32:21), and the prophets (Isaiah 65:1-2) to prove his case.  Throughout His Word, God has spoken to Israel about His plan for salvation…but in general, they have not responded in faith.

Prayer: Father, I have heard and responded to the Gospel...I have accepted Christ.  But Lord, I fear that even still You speak and I do not hear.  Please Lord, help me to hear everything that You are saying to me...and to respond in faith.1010

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