October 5

October 5


Isaiah 31-33


The Condemnation of Man’s Kingdoms         Isaiah 1-39, cont’d.

Isaiah 28-33      The Condemnation of Judah & Israel’s Kingdoms, cont’d.

Isaiah 31:1-3-A warning to not trust in Egypt (human strength)...instead of God. They are merely men, not God.  And, their power is flesh, not spirit (:3).

Isaiah 31:4-6-They are called upon to return to God for protection.

Isaiah 31:7-9-This is a description of what will happen to their enemies if they trust in God.

Isaiah 32:1-8-A picture of the ideal kingdom that will be established by the Messiah.

Isaiah 32:9-14-Isaiah calls on the women of the wealthy class who were nonresponsive when they were warned about the coming invasion. They were unworried and did not believe what they were told.  So, he tells them that a day is coming when their lives will be totally changed and they will look back with longing memories of how life used to be and could still be if they had been responsive to the words of the prophets.

Isaiah 32:15-20-Isaiah says that life will largely remain that way until the arrival of the millennial kingdom. He then describes that kingdom.

Isaiah 33:1-Isaiah speaks of the eventual victory of God over the Assyrians (“O destroyer” is king Sennacherib) and His rule over the land (cf. 2 Kings 18:13-37). Isaiah says that all that they have done to others in their conquest for power will in turn be done to them.

Isaiah 33:2-6-Isaiah calls upon the Lord to save them from destruction.

Isaiah 33:7-9-He details some of the results of destruction.

Isaiah 33:10-14-God now explains what will happen when He comes in judgment of Assyria…and asks rhetorically who is there than stand against Him. None.

Isaiah 33:15-16-While none can stand against Him…there are those who can stand with Him. They are identified in these verses.

Isaiah 33:17-24-These verses describe the kingdom when God has established it.


Prayer: Father, help me to always trust in You, and You alone.  It is easy to sometimes fail to recognize when I have begun to trust in my own ability or wisdom, when I have begun to rely on other people, when I have begun to listen to the suggestions of other resources.  It is such a subtle change.  I don’t mean to turn from You.  I just become complacent about turning to You.  Help me to always stay focused on You and to trust You in all things.


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