October 4

October 4


Isaiah 29-30


The Condemnation of Man’s Kingdoms         Isaiah 1-39, cont’d.

Isaiah 28-33      The Condemnation of Judah & Israel’s Kingdoms, cont’d.

Isaiah 29:1-14-This is a description of the judgment that God will bring about on Judah.

Isaiah 29:1-4-Ariel is a name for Jerusalem.  Despite the fact that the Jews have diligently maintained their schedule of feasts...they will be judged.  Why?  Because it is all show, and no substance.  They are just going through the motions. (:13).

Isaiah 29:3-In 701 B.C., Sennacherib, King of Assyria, set up “siegeworks” around Jerusalem.

Isaiah 29:5-10-These verses explain that though the enemies of Judah are great…they will disappear into history.

Isaiah 29:11-14-Because the people have ignored God (even in their worship), God will not make known to them the plans that He has.  Even their most brilliant people will not understand what He is about to do.

Isaiah 29:15-16-They thought that God was not aware of their political activities with other countries...seeking their protection instead of trusting in Him.  But God makes it clear that He knows everything that they are doing.

Isaiah 29:17-24-Isaiah says that the day will soon arrive when God will pass judgment, set everything right, and establish His kingdom on earth.  These verses are a description of life in that kingdom during the millennium.

Isaiah 30:1-8-This is an additional warning to Hezekiah to not make an alliance with Egypt against Assyria.  Isaiah tells them to write it down now...so that it will be a witness against them later when they ignore what he has said and make the alliance...but what he has predicted actually happens.

Isaiah 30:9-11-The people tell the prophets to not speak what they believe to be the truth...but to tell them pleasing things that they want to hear.

Isaiah 30:12-17-Here is a description of God’s judgment on Judah for her failure to be obedient.

Isaiah 30:18-26-Here is another description of the millennium and its glory.

Isaiah 30:27-33-Here is a description of the intensity of God’s judgment.
Prayer: Father, thinking of Your love, grace, and mercy can be very peaceful and have a wonderful calming affect.  But don’t let me forget Your righteousness, and holiness.  Our very nature seems to rebel at those thoughts.  Those qualities are demanding and make requirements of me.  And yet, it is as necessary for me to worship You for those qualities of Your nature, as any other.  Don’t let me pick and choose what qualities of Your nature that I want. Don’t let me worship You for what I want…but, to worship You for Who You are.  Don’t let me create You…in my own image.  But instead, create Your image, Your character in me.  All of Your character.

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