October 25

October 25

Jeremiah 14-16


The Concern for Judah, cont’d.                          Jeremiah 2-45

Jeremiah 2-20        Undated Prophecies, cont’d.


Jeremiah 14:1-15:9-Jeremiah prophecies that a drought is going to cover the land of Judah.

Jeremiah 14:1-6-His description of the devastation the drought has brought.

Jeremiah 14:7-Jeremiah says that the cause of the drought is God’s judgment on them for their sin. He uses three different words for these sins…

  • “iniquities”…perversity, depravity, iniquity; a depraved action, a crime
  • “apostasies”…backsliding, turning away
  • “sinned”…to sin, miss, miss the way, go wrong, incur guilt, forfeit, purify from uncleanness

Jeremiah 14:8-10-Jeremiah begins to pray for Judah.

Jeremiah 14:11-22-God tells him to not pray for Judah because He has already determined that they will be judged.  The false prophets are telling the people that if they will only fast and bring their offerings that God will forgive them.  But God says that He did not tell them to say such things.  Instead, God is going to allow them to suffer the consequences of their own sin (:16).  Still, Jeremiah continues to plead with God to save them (:17-22)...and tells Him that He is the only one who can do so.

Jeremiah 15:1-God tells him that even if Moses and Samuel were to pray for these people, He would not answer. These two men had successfully interceded for their people during their lifetimes (Exodus 32:11-14; Numbers 14:13-24; Deuteronomy 9:18-20,25-29; 1 Samuel 7:5-9; 12:19-25).

Jeremiah 15:2-3-Their judgment will be fourfold, meaning devastating.

Jeremiah 15:4-God tells him that he will punish them because they participated in the idolatry (worship of false gods) that Manasseh (son of Hezekiah) brought to Judah (cf. 2 Kings 23:26; 24:3).

Jeremiah 15:5-9-God tells them that He is “tired of relenting” (withholding His judgment when they pleaded to Him) because even when He did so they did not “repent”.

Jeremiah 15:10-11-Because everyone hates him for the negative prophecies that he makes…Jeremiah expresses sorrow that he was ever born.

Jeremiah 15:12-14-God says that there is nothing that Judah can do to stop the coming destruction at the hand of Babylon.

Jeremiah 15:15-18-Jeremiah asks God to remember that he has been faithful as His prophet…even at his own expense (:15-16). He says that because God had called him, he did not participate in the activities of the people (:17).  Jeremiah says that he thought that since he had been faithful…that God would rescue from those who were persecuting him.  But that had not happened and now he had a sense of disappointment in God (:18).

Jeremiah 15:19-21-God tells Jeremiah that if he will turn to Him, He will restore him...and, He will protect him from those who will persecute him.

Jeremiah 16:1-9-Then, when he thought that things could not get any worse…God tells Jeremiah that he is not to get married and have children. But, God tells Jeremiah that the reason is that He is really sparing him from additional heartache because He is going to pass judgment on the people and eliminate all joy and gladness.

Jeremiah 16:10-21-When Jeremiah makes his prophecies the people will be incredulous. They don’t believe that they have done anything wrong.  They will ask him why God would judge them.  He is to tell them that all of this will come about as a result of their sin.  He is going to remove them from the Promised Land and send them to another country.  God says that this time He is going to show them once-and-for-all that the idols and gods that they have chosen to worship are all false and that He alone is God.


Prayer: Father, don’t let me try Your patience.  Don’t let me presume on Your forgiveness.  Don’t let me give worship to anything other than You.  Keep me close to You Lord.  As I read about Judah, and how she turned and worshipped other gods, I can hardly believe that it just happened in one fail swoop, one sudden decision.  Instead, it probably crept in under dark, over a period of time, having the guise of innocence and the appearance of respectability.  Good things…but not the right thing.  And slowly, one small decision followed another…and they never even realized that the god that they were now worshipping…was not You.  Lord, keep me close to You…don’t let me drift.

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