October 21

October 21


Jeremiah 5-6


The Concern for Judah, cont’d.                               Jeremiah 2-45

Jeremiah 2-20          Undated Prophecies, cont’d.


Jeremiah 5:1-6-God sends Jeremiah to try to find one single righteous person in Judah. He is told to not be fooled, even if they use religious language and appeal to God (:2).  Jeremiah says that the reason that they are unrighteous is because God had punished them and instead of repenting they had hardened their hearts even more…and God already knows that.  But he goes in search, anyway (:3).   He tries to excuse the poor people by saying that they don’t know any better (:4).  He thought that the leaders, who know God’s teachings, would have repented…but they too had rebelled against God.  So, God’s judgment will surely find them (:6)

Jeremiah 5:7-13-God identifies some of their sin and says that they actively pursued those things (:7-9). The people say that God will not punish them...and the prophets are just hot air (:10-13).

Jeremiah 5:14-31-God tells them that because of their refusal to repent He will most certainly bring judgment on them (:14). He has chosen to use a foreign nation as His instrument of judgment (:15).  It is a powerful nation (:16) that will their families, their fields, and their fortifications (:17).  But God will not allow them to be totally destroyed (:18).  Then when they have been deported as slaves to another nation, when they ask why it happened, they will know it was because they forsook God to serve foreign gods.  So now, since they had chosen to serve foreign gods, God will make them serve the people that worship those gods (:19).  God reprimands them for not fearing Him.  After all, He is the one whose power established the boundaries of the oceans (:22), and Whose power determines when the rain will fall (:23).  Since they refuse to fear Him…He will refuse to use His power for their good (:25).  The wickedness of the people is seen by their actions and by their inactions…by the evil that they practice and by the fact that they refuse to help those who are in need (:27-28).  God asks if they actually think that He will not punish such wickedness (:29).  God summarizes their wickedness…

  • the prophets lie
  • the priests make decisions without consulting Him
  • and the people who are supposed to be His “love it so!”. They have chosen these things over Him.

Then God asks them, “But what are you going to do when it all comes to an end?” In other words, “Who do you think will save you when you face judgment for your actions?”

Jeremiah 6:1-Jeremiah warns his own tribe (Benjamin) to flee the coming destruction.

Jeremiah 6:2-15-He describes the coming of the nation from the north (Assyria)…their preparation for war, their plans for attack. Judah will be thoroughly destroyed…as thoroughly as a worker picks all of the grapes off of the vine (:9).  No one will listen to the warning of Jeremiah because they don’t want to hear such things (:10).  Jeremiah says that he has told them and told them…so much that he has grown weary doing so (:11-12).  The prophets and the priests refuse to listen.  If they were to truly repent and change their ways it would affect them financially (:13).  So, they just keep preaching peace.  It makes the people feel good…but it doesn’t lead them to repent of their sins (:14).  They should be ashamed for leading the people in this false manner…but they’re not (:15).

Jeremiah 6:16-21-God told them to return to the ways that they had been previously taught…but they refused to do so (:16). God sent “watchmen” (prophets) to warn them…but they refused to listen (:17).  So God says that they are going to receive “the fruit of their plans”…they are going to face the consequences of their actions (:19).  None of their religious practices will make any difference, now (:20).

Jeremiah 6:22-26-Here is a description of the advancing Assyrian army. The people will go into a panic when they hear it.

Jeremiah 6:27-30-God tells Jeremiah that He has made him an “assayer” (:27). This was a person who tested the purity of metals.  Jeremiah had been sent by God to determine the purity of their devotion to Him.  He determines that they are corrupt (:28).  No matter how hot the fire may be…they are still not refined.  They are still “corrupt” (ruined, destroyed, decayed by sin).  So, God has “rejected” them (spurned, cast away, :30).


Prayer: Lord, you told Jeremiah to not be fooled when people use religious jargon or even appeal to Your name.  I wonder, were they fooling themselves?  Did they actually believe that because they were going through the motions of religion and even calling out to You…that what they were doing was acceptable to You?  Lord, don’t let be self-deceived.  Show me anything that I am doing that is not for the right reason, or in the right manner.  Examine my motives and intentions…and convict me of what needs to change.


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