October 17

October 17


Isaiah 62-64


The Exaltation of God’s Kingdom                  Isaiah 40-66, cont’d.

Isaiah 58-66      God Secures Those in His Kingdom, cont’d.

Isaiah 62:1-12-This chapter speaks of the glory that will be with Israel forever once God has restored it and established it in the Millennium Kingdom. Israel will receive a new name (:2) that signifies that it is like a bride to God (:4-5).  This name identifies the intimacy of the relationship that God will have with His people.  Whereas before they were separated from God…now, they are married to God.  God promises that He will both protect and provide for Israel (:6-9).  He tells them to prepare to enter into the city of Jerusalem because the day is not far away (:10-12).

Isaiah 63:1-6-God, Himself will one day execute final judgment on the people of the earth. The picture is of a judge in his judicial robes holding court and passing judgment.  He declares the guilt and punishment over some (:3-4) and He will declare “redemption” (:4,6) and “salvation” (:5) to others.

Isaiah 63:7-19-Isaiah says that he is going to “make mention” of some of the many things that God has done for Israel (:7). He says that God chose them to be His people (:8), He saved them during times of affliction (:9), and when they rebelled He punished them (:10).  When he recounted these things the people of Israel remembered all that God had done and began to recognize that the LORD is the God of old, Who raised them up to be His own people through Abraham and Moses.  They call on God to “Look down from heaven”, to see their situation, and to return them to the land He had promised them (:15-19).

Isaiah 64:1-12-The people call to God and ask that He come to them as He did in the days of old…in power and majesty (:1-3). They say that there has never been a God who was benevolent and kind to those that worshipped Him, like the LORD is (:4-5a).  They confess that they are at fault for sinning and that it has caused them to forsake God and has caused God to turn His face from them (:5b-7).  They then pray to Him as their “Father” (:8)…and ask that He will not judge them forever, but that He will remember that they are His people.  And, that He will forgive them of their sins (:9) and restore the Temple as the place of worship (:10-12).


Prayer: Father, I don’t want to be good.  I want to be holy.  I don’t want to be better than I am.  I want to be holy.  Please, instill Your holiness in me in such a way and to such a degree that it will guide and direct every thought, every attitude, every desire, every action of my life.  Let me bring glory to You by the way that I live.

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