November 7

November 7


Jeremiah 46-48


The Condemnation of other Nations                   Jeremiah 46-51


Jeremiah 46-Condemnation of Egypt

Jeremiah 46:1-God gives Jeremiah a prophecy concerning the future of various nations.

Jeremiah 46:2-26-A prophecy concerning Egypt. This verse is speaking of the battle at Carchemish in 605 B.C. in which Egypt (:2) was defeated and the balance of power became tipped in favor of Babylon (:13).

Jeremiah 46:27-28-God tells Judah to not be afraid. Even though He is going to destroy Egypt…He will protect them.  And yet, they will not escape His punishment.

Jeremiah 47-Condemnation of Philistia

Jeremiah 47:1-7-A prophecy concerning the Philistines

Jeremiah 47:1-This prophecy came to Jeremiah “before Pharaoh conquered Gaza”. It is speaking of Pharaoh Necho’s campaign against Gaza in 609 B.C.

Jeremiah 48-Condemnation of Moab.

Jeremiah 48:1-48-A prophecy concerning Moab.

Jeremiah 48:11-For many years Moab had not been disturbed. Therefore, they though that their worship must be acceptable to God.  But they are wrong.  God’s judgment is about to come upon them.  However, God says that Moab will be restored to share in the Messianic kingdom (:47).


Prayer: Father, don’t let me assume that just because I am not facing judgment that everything is alright.  Sometimes You withhold Your hand so that I might have peace and calm in which to make a decision to be faithful to You.  Help me to deliberately seek You and Your will in good times and in bad.


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